10 Things you probably didn't know about ancient Egyptian life

Ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest and most long lasting civilizations known to history. Everyone of us would probably have a portrayed image about the ancient Egyptian civilization and lifestyle but there are some facts most of us don't know about and some others that are totally false. In this article we tell you some fun facts about ancient Egyptian civilization.

10 Things you probably didn't know about ancient Egyptian life

1- They didn't ride camels:

Unlike the usual western image about Egyptians wearing traditional fez or riding camels, ancient Egyptians didn't ride camels until the late dynastic age. Instead, they used donkeys to carry around light goods and they heavily used boats or wooden rafts for transportation of wheat and other agricultural goods through the Nile.

2- Women had equal rights to men in several ways:

Egyptian women would have the right to own, sell, buy, inherit, and live separately and unprotected by men. In front of the law, women had equal rights for testimony, equal rights to sue someone. However, Egyptian women were more responsible about the internal of house, decoration, raising children. Also Egyptian women could become queens (Hatshepsut, and Cleopatra) although they needed to imitate men acts, wear men clothes, and try to look more masculine as we can see in their statues trying to make them look like men.

3- Mummification was luxury:

10 Things you probably didn't know about ancient Egyptian life

Tutankhamun's tomb

Not everyone was able to be mummified after death or even having a good tomb. It was expensive and only the wealthy would be able to get mummified. Ancient Egyptians believed that preserving the body would allow the deceased to live again after life so they needed to mummify their dead which was time consuming and expensive, so what did the poor do?. Simply they got buried in the sand in direct contact with hot and dry atmosphere which allowed natural mummification of poor bodies.

4- The didn't write Hieroglyphs:

Hieroglyphs was a brilliant nice looking way of writing, but also complex and very time consuming. Egyptians reserved the use of hieroglyphs for tomb writings and temples for telling the accomplishments of kings and great people. In normal life, most of Egyptians were illiterate while only 10% or less could know how to write. The usual day writings were done in hieratic which was a simplified form of hieroglyphic writing and was later replaced with demotic which was a more simpler version.

5- Both men and women used eyeliners:

As well as many civilizations in the eastern region, eyeliners were used for both men and women and it was used as fashion and for treatment purpose. They made the eyeliner materials (traditionally called Kohl) from plant origins and they thought it is eye protecting and maintains good health for the eye which was proven scientifically true.

6- Egyptians hold the world record for most ruling period by one person in history:

Looks like Egyptian rulers were always the same. The Egyptian king Pepi II (picture above) holds the record for longest reign in history with 94 years. He was named king when he was 6 and continued to rule until he reached 100 years old. Pepi II was also famous of hating flies were he always hold naked slaves around him covered with honey to distract flies away from him.

7- Earliest pregnancy test in history:

Ancient Egyptians had pregnancy test where they made the suspected pregnant women to pee on wheat and barley seeds. If the seeds grew barley then it's a boy, if they grew wheat then it's a girl. If neither were grown then she won't give birth at all. The one amazing thing is that this test was proven 70% accuracy in a medical study in 1963.

8- A mummy made titanic to sink:

Conspiracy theories hold the responsibility of titanic sinking to a mummy that was carried on board. We can't make sure that the story is true but this conspiracy theory is claimed by many people.

9- Kings married their sisters:

Many ancient Egyptian kings like many other civilizations thought they have clean or holy blood and were more into marrying their own sisters. This caused many Egyptian kings to suffer hereditary deformities and diseases like Ikhnaton who also married his own sister Nefertiti and gave birth to Tutankhamun who was disfigured too.

10- Cleopatra was not beautiful:

10 Things you probably didn't know about ancient Egyptian life

Although the typical image of Cleopatra (pictured above) as the goddess of beauty in our imagination but coins and drawings for Cleopatra show less signs of beauty. In fact, she had long protruding nose, protruding chin, and deep sank eyes. However, some scientists argue that she was imaged like this as an attempt to look more manly and powerful and that this wasn't her true look.

Finally, these were not the only amazing facts about ancient Egypt but only a glimpse of this great civilization. If you like this article share it with your friends.

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