10 Things you probably didn't know about ancient Egyptian life

Ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest and most long lasting civilizations known to history. Everyone of us would probably have a portrayed image about the ancient Egyptian civilization and lifestyle but there are some facts most of us don't know about and some others that are totally false. In this article we tell you some fun facts about ancient Egyptian civilization.

1- They didn't ride camels:

Unlike the usual western image about Egyptians wearing traditional fez or riding camels, ancient Egyptians didn't ride camels until the late dynastic age. Instead, they used donkeys to carry around light goods and they heavily used boats or wooden rafts for transportation of wheat and other agricultural goods through the Nile.

2- Women had equal rights to men in several ways:

Egyptian women would have the right to own, sell, buy, inherit, and live separately and unprotected by men. In front of the law, women had equal rights for testimony, equal rights to sue someone. However, Egyptian women were more responsible about the internal of house, decoration, raising children. Also Egyptian women could become queens (Hatshepsut, and Cleopatra) although they needed to imitate men acts, wear men clothes, and try to look more masculine as we can see in their statues trying to make them look like men.

3- Mummification was luxury: