10 types of diet friendly foods

Obesity is considered a world wide epidemic and many of us struggle for losing these few or many extra bounds. The main concept people usually have for losing weight is that they should starve for long period of time depriving themselves from many pleasurable types of food. With the emergence of modern nutritional science and due to our evolved understanding of the nature of food, it turned out that not all types of food are as bad as we used to think. In fact some sorts of food can help you lose weight or at least not gain much calories and so you can keep yourself in shape and still can eat many pleasurable type of food. There are many diet-friendly types of food and comes on top vegetables and many types of fruit and some others that were previously thought to be anti-diet foods.

10 types of diet friendly foods

Here are some types of foods you can eat safely while keeping your diet control:

1- Avocado:

It can belong to many dishes either as a fruit or an appetizer or even for salads. Avocado is rich with nutrients and vitamins like vitamin E, C, A and it also lowers total body cholesterol which benefits general cardiac health through improving circulation of heart coronaries. Avocado is considered on many ways the perfect food for diet and it is prescribed by many nutritionists once daily at least for losing weight especially at the abdominal region.

2- Whole eggs:

It was once considered bad for diet but here is the fact. Eating one or two whole eggs per day will help you get through your diet control as one egg for breakfast will keep you from snacks besides the great nutritional value for having proteins, fats, and many other nutrients. Whole eggs also helps in losing weight through directing most of the consumed ingredients towards muscle building with less or no body weight gain. 

3- Apples:

Apples are full of fibers and watery content with healthy amounts of fruit sugar (fructose) which is used as diet control sweetener. The great amount of fibers will help you digest easily while also suppressing the hunger drive due to physical bulk of fibers. Apples are also rich in many vitamins and minerals needed for healthy body. The sum of eating an apple is gaining useful energy and nutrients and stopping the hunger drive for longer times which will help you lose weight.

4- Brown Rice:

With lower starch content, brown rice is considered more diet friendly than white rice while also helping in burning body fat. 

5- Bananas:

The main advantage of bananas is having great amount of potassium and also providing fair amount of energy in diet friendly form. Eating bananas after exercise will help you stop the hunger surge and will provide sufficient amount of energy that will keep you in shape.

6- Salads:

A traditional component of any healthy diet control system while also providing minerals needed for healthy body. With a great amount of fibers and less caloric content, salads will help you reduce amounts of regular meals which will help you lose weight.

7- Chicken breast:

Any diet control recipe will contain a protein ingredient. Proteins are healthy and needed for developing muscle bulk while doing exercise, the idea is to select pieces of meat with lower fat content and higher protein ingredient. Chicken breast is a good candidate for obtaining the protein nutritional needs for diet control. 

8- Lean beef:

Just like chicken breast, lean beef meat is an alternative to chicken breast with less fat content and higher protein content. Unlike the regular concept that meat is bad for health, protein is considered a must for building a healthy body especially for those who do exercises to develop muscles properly.

9- Tuna meat:

Another candidate for diet control recipes with less fat content and high protein content, tuna will provide you with nutritional protein needs with lower caloric ingredients. Tuna is well known for body builders for building muscles and losing weight at the same time.

10- Nuts:

Nuts contain good amounts of proteins, fibers, and healthy fats. They are considered as an ideal snack for diet control while also proving to help weight loss through regulation of metabolic process.

And finally, we meant in this article to debunk the idea that diet control is only about stopping to eat. The real thing you need to do is to eat smart and avoid diet unfriendly foods with higher calories and less nutritional value. If you like this article Share it with friends.

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