4 Kinds Of Women Every Man Should Know

Women are like fruit. As everyone
has her own color taste and shape. I believe that all the human kinds are different,
but for a woman it's complicated because you will never understand a woman. No
one can understand a woman more than another woman,
because in this case they communicate a lot and talk at length and go out
together, only women understand themselves!

4 Kinds Of Women Every Man Should Know

The first kind of woman is this
who loves to be a woman

Don't you have a friend that
always choose pink color or as cute as a princess? This kind of girls love
being a woman, She loves bright color for everything. Her clothes, her bedroom,
her car even hair and nail polish. Her biggest
concern is make-up, clothes and appearance, she loves shopping a lot, she gets
nervous breakdown if her nails are broken, she has knowledge of the entire
world's bloggers, she just loves to be a lady and treated like a

The second one is the Man girl

This one has a really beautiful
lady inside, but she always appears as a man in the way she act, talks, and even think. This girl can be
a lovely friend for both men and women; she can help you solving your problems.
Usually this kind of woman doesn’t like to appear with the girly appear, she
always wears trousers and t-shirts, she also very kind and helpful to others
that makes her a good friend and lover.

The third kind is
the always right woman

All the women are self-confident,
they always sure that they are right and never be mistaken. That’s right because
in my opinion women rarely makes any mistakes They follow their heart and brain
the both of them can’t be wrong. But that kind of woman thinks that no one
knows what she knows, even if she did something wrong she never listens to any
one’s opinion, she did what she want to do. By the way some times she asks for
help and regrets the things she did without asking, but always complaining
about others opinions.

Last one is the consultant

This one has a good
experience in life, maybe it’s not very big but it’s good enough to give you an
advice. She is very wise and loves every one, so if you need help or need to
get a piece of advice she is the right one to give you what you need.

should know that women are lovely creatures with their different kinds without
them there is no life. They give the sweet of life.

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