5 Rare Psychiatric and Mental Diseases That You Hardly Heard Of !

Human brain is a complex and intertwined organ, it is even more complex than the strongest computer ever made by humans and this is both good and bad. It gives us a great advantage over animals, but when something goes wrong, it can cause a variety of mental illnesses. Tens of millions of people around the world are suffering from these problems, and the rarer diseases that afflict them the more they cause peculiar behaviors

The world's mental disorders are receiving an increasing attention because of their prevalence and importance in our lives. According to the National Psychiatric Association, 1 in 5 people in the United States suffer from mental illness. We may have all heard about a number of more popular mental disorders around us from schizophrenia to depression to the obsessive compulsive disorder. However, there are many rare psychological disorders that are very strange and which we hardly even know about their existence at all.

In this article we will briefly summarize 5 of the world's strangest and rarest psychological disorders:

5 Rare Psychiatric and Mental Diseases That You Hardly Heard Of !

1. Capgras Delusion:

One strange psychiatric mental disorder where the patient thinks that a friend of him or a family member or even a pet is haunted by other person. The patient would go insane and delusional to some severe extent that makes him possess some danger to that other person up to even killing that person to free the soul of his friend or family member of that imposer soul. Patients who suffer this disease are often delusional and schizophrenic.

2. Alien Hand Syndrome:

A strange mental disorder where the patient believes that his hand acts with a free will without the intervention of the person, and those who suffer from this syndrome of the alien hand might lose control of their hand movements and their hands would do undesirable things unintentionally. The patient doesn't feel his hand as a part of his body, even he can get accidentally hit by his own hand and in some cases his mad hand could try to strangulate him. Doctors say the disease is caused by a brain injury often occurs when the patient undergoes craniotomy surgery (surgical removal of part of the brain).

5 Rare Psychiatric and Mental Diseases That You Hardly Heard Of !

3. Alice's Wonderland Syndrome:

It can be classified as the most unusual among the list of rare psychiatric diseases, which is a neurological syndrome that causes sensory delusion of the patient under the influence of the surrounding place without feeling the real time, and the patient feels that all around him is exaggerated magnificently, which generates the hallucination of dwarfism against the surrounding objects, In a state of confusion about the shape of the body and size, and becomes very afraid. It looks typically like Alice in wonderland when she shrinks and everything around is going big.

4. The Living Dead (zombie):

Long before it became a "zombie" (dead alive), a figure of modern culture, there were people who suffered from this very strange syndrome, also called "zombie illusion". The first patient was documented in 1880, when the French neurologist Jules Coutre described a patient who refused to confess, who had been diagnosed with the syndrome as dead, rotting or having lost all of their internal organs or even their blood. With the presence of God or the devil and also denied the existence of parts of her body. She has refused to eat, claiming she will not die, and in the end she has died of starvation. The disease is most prevalent among women in menopause, and often occurs abruptly in patients with no history of mental illness. In rare cases, patients never recognize themselves and the syndrome is often associated with depression.

5 Rare Psychiatric and Mental Diseases That You Hardly Heard Of !

5. Karoshi or Addiction Work:

The Japanese also have a share of the strange diseases list. Karoshi is a state which is reflected in the fear of leaving work and unwillingness to take any days out. This situation in Japan reached a maximum of hundreds of employees due to working more than 16 hours a day, which in 2004 reached 243 employees. Japanese invented a special word for this phenomenon called "Karoshi" entered years ago dictionaries of psychology and means death due to excessive work!

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