6 Interesting Facts ِِِAnd Conspiracies About Titanic (The Legendary Ship)

Almost everyone knows the story of the famous Titanic ship
and it sank after hitting an iceberg before midnight in 1912, sailing for the
first time after its construction, from the coast of the United Kingdom towards
New York. IN general, the tragedy of the Titanic has been and continues to be
controversial for more than a century. The most exciting and modern in this
tragedy is a new hypothesis that the ship was not only drowned by an iceberg.

6 Interesting Facts ِِِAnd Conspiracies About Titanic (The Legendary Ship)

It is hard to count the books and articles that wrote about it.
and there is the famous film about it also, and don’t forget about the legend
that it was a strong marine object immune to drowning, but all the myths were
shattered after the ship hit the iceberg in the North Atlantic.

Although more than a century has passed since the Titanic
sank in the North Atlantic, a lot of mystery is still circulating about this
story. It has been classified as one of the worst marine accidents in history
since more than 1,500 people died on board!

We heard a lot about the story of the Titanic of the English
Ocean Transporter, which sank in 1912 when it was sailing on its first flights,
most recently from Southampton, 121 kilometers southwest of London, to New
York. We got to know some of what happened in the ship through the famous
romantic drama "Titanic," directed by James Cameron in 1997, but
there are some things and facts that we do not know, and recognize for the
first time.

 And we have to
know more about some characters like The British sailor Frederick Fleet (1887-1956), the first person to see the glacier before colliding with the
ship, later testified during his sinking investigations that his lack of
close-up glasses made him see the dark glacier with his naked eyes late. Collision
with it.

Its sinking was a
major shock to all. It was provided with the highest safety standards at the
time. It was built by the most experienced and experienced engineers. It was
used in building the most advanced technologies. It was a great mystery for
many researchers. Drowned by chance, or was it a deliberate and effective?

This is what we will try to answer in the following lines :

6 Interesting Facts ِِِAnd Conspiracies About Titanic (The Legendary Ship)

1- Waterproof Doors:

The ship is not like
any other ship; it has two seams, one of which runs across the other. The lower
part of the ship consists of 16 sections, without water. Even if one of these
sections is flooded, It is very easy to book water in this part alone and
prevent it from flooding other parts, but these doors are the reason behind the
sinking of the boat's introduction into the water after the ship hit the


2- Fire:

Some observers believe
that there was a fire that raged for three weeks just behind the spot where the
iceberg had penetrated directly. Experts confirmed that a fire broke out in a
three-story fuel store with hundreds of tons of coal behind the boiler room. It
was customary to reverse the usual trend so that the passengers did not see the
signs. Twelve men tried to put out the fire, but remained in trouble for days
in temperatures ranging from 500 degrees to 1,000 degrees Celsius. If the steel
were exposed to this level of heat, it would become fragile and decrease by 75


3- Expansion joints

Another theory trying
to blame Titanic designers, where there were joints extending at the bottom of
the ship, which some researchers believe would have broken Titanic during a
soft storm, would not stand up to such a huge iceberg that collided with the ship.
The vessel was not broken, and the expansion joints were the ones that caused
the ship's bottom to break.

 6 Interesting Facts ِِِAnd Conspiracies About Titanic (The Legendary Ship)

4- Attack by German

Some say it is
possible that a German submarine intercepted the Titanic, where survivors heard
explosions on board the ship, which were likely to have been attacked by German
troops, but some deny it, since World War I did not break out until 1914 ,
While Titanic sank in 1912, so there would be no reason for Germany to attack
the ship at the time.


5- The Curse of the

In 1889, the British
Museum acquired an Egyptian artifact known as the "Lucky Mummy"
because of the fact that its former owners had some bad luck, so the mummy was
discarded to the New York Museum. The vessel was the Titanic, but it was not It
is said that whoever tried to wipe the dust from the face painted on the coffin
was his son dying with measles within 7 days.

6- The Discovery: 

The shipwreck of the
Atlantic Ocean was discovered on September 1, 1985, 73 years after its sinking.
The discovery of its location was a dream for everyone. It was and still is a
myth that attracts people.

It was discovered by a
French-American expedition. The team of explorers noticed that the ship had
split into two halves shortly after it sank close to the surface and before
reaching the ocean floor.

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