7 Inventions That Changed the World

In our daily lives we use equipment and tools that we may not realize its historical impact and what caused the change of the face of this world, but the common denominator of all these inventions is to facilitate human life and help him in production to develop his way of life, we will give you seven inventions that changed the world: 

 7 Inventions That Changed the World

1. Cooling

It is difficult to determine when or where the world's first cooling engine was designed. But what matters today is the ability to keep food cold for long periods, even while shipping. Once refrigerated trucks have been developed, there has been a dramatic change in the food industry and even the eating habits of people around the world. Now, we can get fresh meat and cold dairy products even in the hot summer months. 

2. The clock

Perhaps the clock is one of the most important inventions of mankind. Since the dawn of mankind people have paid great attention to time. People measured time in the sun, shade or stars, but often it was not possible either because of bad weather or lack of vision in a dark place. There must be a time measuring machine. It is believed that the first to use the watch are the Egyptians, they divided today to two sections each one 12 hours. The clocks have evolved from solar to aquatic, sand and waxy. Then came the incense watch followed by clocks with gears and scales and mechanical watches rolled until we reached the wristwatch and the atomic clock, which is the most accurate clock reached so that the error rate reaches a few seconds in every thousand years and then we reached the modern electronic clock.

 7 Inventions That Changed the World

3. Electricity

In short, electricity is energy present in subatomic particles such as electrons and protons and consists of two positive and negative charges. Electricity has been discovered for a long time and people have noticed it in lightning, tremor, catfish, or a luminous insect. Pharaoh texts dating back to 2750 BC refer to these fish as the “Thunderbolt of the Nile” and described them as the protector of the other fish. After that, the civilizations that they saw, but they did not know what they were, remained a mystery and sometimes a mystery and a mere intellectual curiosity that haunted many for thousands of years. In 1600, the English physician William Gilbert conducted a thorough study of electricity that paved the way for other scientists such as Benjamin Franklin, who had to sell his property to fund his research. In 1800, Alessandro Volta invented the first electric battery, and then inventions continued until we got modern electricity..

 7 Inventions That Changed the World

4. The phone

One of the things we use most in our lives is the telephone. Who can stay for one day without a phone, The phone is a machine that transmits sound from one place to another and the phone consists of a headset and a microphone as is known, the invention of the phone by “Alexander Graham Bell” in 1876 and remained the inventor until 2002 when the US Congress officially recognized that the inventor of the real phone is Italian “Antonio Meucci “113 years after his death, The phone continued to evolve until we arrived to this day where it is no longer just the transfer of sound is very important, after the fixed phones appeared mobile phones with buttons and then began to move towards more technologies, then smart phones, to touch technology, camera, radio, messaging, Internet, positioning and drawing techniques and games Stunning movies, and many other programs and apps that evolve day by day. 

5. Penicillin

Penicillin was a discovery rather than an invention in the sense of the invention, and the Scottish scientist Fleming accidentally discovered it when he noticed a sample of a bacterial dish in his lab that began to grow on it, leading to the death of those bacteria and it become The most effective substances to eliminate inflammation and control diseases in our human history. 

6. Screw

Imagine that if the path was not; that little thing of metal , many civilizations would have collapsed. The first machine for making nails was created in the period between 1790- 1800. Then the nail industry began to develop more and more. 

 7 Inventions That Changed the World

7. Steam engine

Prior to the invention of the steam engine, most of the products were hand- made , and the energy available to serve humans was limited animal power, while steam engines were swept by electric combustion engines in the fields of transportation and energy, which are still incredibly important. Most power plants in the world generate electricity using steam turbines, and if steam is heated by burning coal, natural gas or a nuclear reactor. 

 7 Inventions That Changed the World

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