9 False facts about human brain

Human brain is not like any computer we know, it is far more complex with lack of proper understanding of the whole function or how it works. It can process complex information and logic based on various inputs from various sensations of human body. The main difference between human brain and usual computers is the ability of spontaneous decision making without need for exogenous trigger. Human brain tends to make decisions rather than reacting to inputs and that drive has not yet been understood and caused debate between neurologists and psychiatrists. Conscience, righteousness, the need for doing good things, the need to express and feel love are all things no computer can experience and cannot be simulated.

The over complexity of human brain and the lack of solid boundaries between the physical form and the spiritual acts of human brains has led to many true and false conceptions of human brain and how it works. The main reason behind the augmentation of false misconceptions about human brain are referred back to  general media and television which rarely seek true facts rather than interesting false information. In this article we are going to discuss some false misconceptions about human brain that most of people think true.

9 False facts about human brain

1- We only use 10% of our brains:

Totally wrong fact, the truth is that we use 100% of our brains most of time. Even when we are sleeping, our brains still work of processing and reorganizing information acquired during the whole day and making new logic which makes decision making more easy in the future. Recent studies using MRI techniques have shown the brain working as a whole with areas being specialized  for specific types of information like cerebral cortex for thinking, hypothalamus and brain stem for sleeping and spontaneous breathing regulation.

2- Older people have less cognitive functions:

Some brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease are usually related to senility but many other factors contribute to propagation of diseases rather than senility alone like genetic factors, dietary habits, and life style. In fact, older people may have better abilities for verbal and vocabulary processing functions. The can talk better and more wise than younger people due to better processing of words and broader scale of vocabularies with more complexity of phrase formation than younger ones. Older people have better emotional abilities than younger one, no wonder they can obtain love easier than youngsters.

3- Males have better math and calculation skills than females:

May be true statistically but chromosome (y) has nothing to do with it. In fact it is due to social and community factors enhancing that belief, but when community bias is removed females can do as good as or even better than males in math. Many female figures have mastered math and scientific skills related to it (the famous physicist Marie Curie has won two Nopel prizes in physics).

4- The right and left brain:

Some people think that we use the left hemisphere of our brain for math and regular thinking and the right one for innovation skills. Not totally true, in fact we use both hemispheres for all kinds of information all the time but some minor differences have shown in left handed people considering creativity thinking and innovation. However, the solid fact is that we can even live with only half brain as many people have undergone hemispherical resection (they live with only half brain) like the famous girl (Cameron Mott) in this video right here who had her half brain surgically removed in order to live a normal life as you can see.

9 False facts about human brainCameron Mott in today's show

5- We use the opposite side of brain for processing info on the same side:

Well, that's not totally false. We use the left brain for controlling the right side of our body and vice versa but the thing is that applies only to the body. In the skull region, cranial nerves don't cross to the opposite side and they supply the same side of brain (except for optic nerve which partially crosses the opposite side). We hear with the same side of brain, facial sensations and movement, tongue and taste. Even our hearts are supplied with the same side of brain, the diaphragm. Even many sensations in the body are supplied at the same side like sense of vibration and pressure.

6- Solving puzzles and cross words makes you smarter:

Imagine the most skilled chess player in the world, he as actually smart but may not be the greatest writer or painter or even may be a worse politician. Solving puzzles helps you solve more puzzles easily, it is called training. You can master your work skills if you keep doing it over and over so you can be smarter in your area of expertise only and that has nothing to do with other aspects of life.

7- Classical music makes your child smarter:

That was proven wrong too, the fact is listening to music or watching TV alone makes your child suffer retarded communication skills. The better way of making your child smarter is making them socialize with friends, read books, and practice sport. All these factors will make your child smarter and not just listening to classical music.

8- The larger the brain, the better cognitive skills:

Elephants have 3 times larger brain than yours and yet they keep walking around trees in the jungles. Whales have even bigger brains. Even the percentage of brain mass to the body is not in your favor, some rodents have a 10% brain mass to their whole body while your brain is only 2% of your whole body mass. Nobody knows which brain should be smarter but some scientists think it is rather more about complexity of the brain not the size. So many factors enhance the smartness of the brain like socio-economic factors, community factors, and acquired skills.

9- Brain is incurable:

That's a wrong fact, actually brain is curable and have amazing self cure abilities to overcome strokes and previous traumas. Physiotherapy with the will and desire to heal will make a lot of improvements in a traumatized brain and many patients recover serious brain events and go back to normal life activities.

And finally these were some but not all about the mysterious human brain, if you like this article Share it with your friends.

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