9 Medical Causes Of Hair Loss And Natural Treatment You Can Use

Hair loss is a big problem, not only for women, but also for many men, many
factors may make hair begin to fall and fall, and the patient should visit a
specialist doctor, especially if the phenomenon is new, and not neglect
treatment to reach the best possible results.

And you have to know that it is normal and common for hair is falling from
time to time, but in the case of hair loss dramatically makes people suffer
panic and frustration, and may be quick to search for all information
concerning hair loss immediately, but you should relax and calm the nerves
before searching any information may cause an increase the sense of panic.

Causes of hair loss Hair loss results from several causes ,For example,
hair loss occurs in women due to changes in the levels of hormones in their
bodies after pregnancy and childbirth, or when reaching menopause or other
cases where such disorders occur. While hair loss in men for genetic reasons,
There are many other factors may occur in either sex and cause hair loss,

9 Medical Causes Of Hair Loss And Natural Treatment You Can Use

1- Thyroid dysfunction:

In some cases hair loss results in changes in the secretion of hormones in
the body, Therefore, any abnormalities in the thyroid gland may affect the
hormone secretion, which in turn causes hair loss and damage.

2- The body's immune
system malfunctions:

 Causing it to attack healthy hair
follicles by mistake, causing injury to areas affected by hair loss.

·         3- Pregnancy:

Because of the high proportion of hormones that maintain hair in their
bodies, but after birth these hormones return to normal and hair falls quickly.

4- Head worm disease:

There are many infections that affect the scalp, including the ringworm,
which affects the hair and scalp, thus showing scaly spots and free of hair in
the affected area, but when treating these infections, the hair regrows again.

5- The Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):

PCOS is a disease that affects women in which woman ovaries tend to form lots of cysts which might be due to hormonal changes or any other causes. This disease also affects the proportions of hormones in the body, causing hair loss from the

9 Medical Causes Of Hair Loss And Natural Treatment You Can Use

  6- Contraceptive pills:

Contraceptive pills have close correlation to hair loss in women, as it contains hormones that weaken
ovulation which make women prone to hair loss.

7- High blood
cholesterol level:

According to some studies and research, High cholesterol levels have a significant
impact on hair loss.

   8- High blood pressure:

High blood pressure is closely associated with hair loss.

 9- Stress:

There is a direct correlation between stress and stress with hair loss.

 9 Medical Causes Of Hair Loss And Natural Treatment You Can Use

And for treatment you can use:

·    Flax seed oil:  with 5 capsules of flax seed oil by piercing
it and massage your scalp with oil, Flax seed oil helps to increase blood flow
and blood circulation, stimulates hair follicle and helps it grow. Leave
flax seed oil for half an hour until your scalp absorbs and then wash your hair
with shampoo.

·  Eggs:  Place a raw egg on your scalp, before
shampooing the hair, the eggs are full of vitamins and proteins that nourish
the scalp.

·   Apple vinegar:  Mix a cup of apple cider vinegar with a glass
of water, put it on your head before washing your hair and leave it for 5
minutes and then wash it with shampoo, apple cider helps to adjust the pH on
the scalp and remove the dead cells.

·  Massage:  Massage your scalp daily to stimulate blood
circulation, promote blood flow and support healthy hair growth.

·    Olive oil:  Put olive oil on your scalp, cover your hair
for a whole night, and then wash your hair as usual in the morning. Olive oil
cleans the scalp and hair follicle. Read also: Benefits of olive oil for body
and hair and pain relief.

 In the end, after
we know the causes of hair loss in women, how they can be treated in different
ways, do not forget dear women to share your problem, and you can consult with
one of our doctors.


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