A quick overview of Stephen Hawking's life

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, a British scientist, university professor and author who has done groundbreaking works in physics and cosmology and his books have helped make science accessible to everyone, when he was 21, while studying cosmology at Cambridge University, he was diagnosed with atrophic lateral sclerosis. 

A quick overview of Stephen Hawking's life

The beginnings of Stephen Hawking:

Stephen Hawking was the eldest of Frank and Isobel Hawking's four children, and his family were a family of thinkers. His Scottish mother made her way to Oxford University in the 1930s, a time when few women were able to go to college. His father was also an Oxford graduate, and he was a distinguished medical researcher, especially in tropical diseases. 

The time when Stephen was born with a good time was not for his family, who did not have enough money. The political climate was also tense, as England was in the midst of World War II and vulnerable to German bomb attacks.

In addition, they wanted to find a safer place, Isobel returned to Oxford to give birth to their first baby. She continued to have children, to give birth to Mary in 1943 and Philippa in 1947, as well as prophesying to them, Edward in 1956.

As one close family friend describes them, the Hawking family was a weirdo family. They were eating their food silently, and every member of this family was drowned in reading a book.

A quick overview of Stephen Hawking's life

Stephen Hawking's achievements: 

Although Stephen Hawking was not that active person in the beginning of his life, he was able to immortalize his name later through his researches in physics, the universe and space, and one of his most famous sayings: "We have to colonize other planets to protect the human race, because the aggression of humans can To lead to the end of civilization and humanity, and to travel in space will give people another place to go. “He added later: “I believe that the long- term future of humankind is in space, it represents a guarantee of an important life for our future survival, and prevents the disappearance of humanity from the path of colonizing other planets. “And as for the A machine had his opinion: "Artificial intelligence can be the cause of the end of the human race, after the machine becomes so intelligent that it dispenses with humans." 

He had a great impact in the science of physics, especially in the theory of black holes, which is that it carries radiation and has a beginning and an end for time, and he has published many books, including a brief history book of time, and the book of the universe in a nutshell, and he has won many awards, including the Einstein Award Honorary, he participated in many scientific stories of children with his daughter Lucy.

A quick overview of Stephen Hawking's life

Hawking's books and books 

Hawking has won many important medals, honors and awards around the world, and has many books and literature, the most important of which are: 

- A brief history of time.

- Black holes and emerging universes.

- The universe is in a walnut shell.

- Stand on the shoulders of giants.

- A brief history of time.

- God created the numbers.

- Great design.

- My Brief History.

A quick overview of Stephen Hawking's life

Facts about Stephen Hawking 

• Stephen Hawking is one of British physicists, a man who enriched the physical sciences with many theories and studies. His theories about Earth and the origins of the universe and then his disappearance were a permanent path of research and scientific debate. 

• Even though Stephen Hawking had MS, this was not an obstacle in his scientific career; Steve Hawking insisted on many books, he had many theories.

• Stephen Hawking was born to a British father and a Scottish mother. He was born in the city of Oxford, and he had a pure scientific upbringing. His mother was one of the few women who went to university at the time, since in the thirties of the last century his mother was studying at Oxford University, and she was studying Both politics, philosophy and economics. As for his father, he was a doctor and researcher at the same university, he was a specialist in the study of tropical diseases, and it was among his desires that his son Steve also enrolled in medical studies. 

• Stephen Hawking was born in January 1942, he has two sisters, and his father has adopted two other children.

A quick overview of Stephen Hawking's life

• It cannot be said that the Stephen Hawking family was well off or had a lot of money, due in large part to the circumstances of World War II, as the British Kingdom was a party to it, and Britain and its cities were always subject to defamation by German forces during the war, and they were not The safest place for Stephen Hawking and his family.

• Stephen Hawking's family moved to London for work conditions, but Oxford returned due to war conditions.

• Stephen and his family's house was not a huge house, but it was known about it was full of chaos and poor maintenance, and it was composed of three floors and the roof of the floor for the last was not installed well, but the family car was small and serving the purpose, but it is worth noting that it was not more than a taxi that was able The Hawking family transformed it into a private car for their transfers and their own moves. 

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