A Word to The Young Ladies About Life and Decisions

Our mind is just like a machine if we stopped using it for a long time, it will take time to work again with its whole efficiency. so never stop giving it more information every day. no matter how small this piece of information, it will be useful, just to make our brain not breakdown.

Never give up your manners, the biggest challenge you can face in life, is to reach your dream retaining your manners and ethics. for instance, it's said that when a girl first being proposed to, she has big demands at first, then she starts to abandon some of them, maybe because we sometimes think that we need things that we don't really need, but no matter what, don't let anyone convince you to give up one of your main manners.

We might have the same destination, but each one of us will take a different road. Don't care about people's opinion. only care enough to correct yourself if you were wrong. no one can reach the top in life, but you can take the steps, why? because there is no final step that you can reach and then stop trying, at least you'll have to keep trying to keep your top goal so you don't lose it. Besides, the top is not always the best.

We don't realize how hard it is until we face it, taking responsibilities of ourselves, our own decisions, college, courses, friends. but, don't worry, if you make mistakes, as mistakes are what make you who you are, mistakes are present lessons and future better person you should be.

We, young ladies, between 19 to 23, we know we are responsible but there is no shame to get back to parents in big troubles. don't follow someone's way to solve your problem, you can only use some of his experience.

In your life journey, don't stop in stop stations that won't benefit you. make yourself a plan every once a while that matches with the new things you learned in your life. be confident, be strong, don't ever give up to weakness.

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