Ahmed Deedat, a whole life in the way of Allah

Who is Ahmed Deedat?

Ahmed Houssein Deedat
is a Sunni Muslim scholar of the Christian Bible who could by guidance
from Allah to reveal a lot of people (specially Christians) to Islam by
challenging the most famous Christian missionaries around the world.
depended on Allah then his self-efforts only till he became a sample
and his way became an inspiring school for nearly all the Muslim douah
after him. 

Brief summary about sheikh Ahmed Deedat:

was born in 1918 in Bombay India for a poor farmer father who emigrated
to South Africa, when Ahmed was nine years old he went to his father in
South Africa where he joined the school and became a top student
despite of the language barrier.
But because of poverty he couldn't continue at school and moved to work in a shop which was near an evangelical college.
Deedat and his mates in the shop was always being faced by a lot of
questions by the students of this college such as; your prophet used the
sword, your prophet married a lot of women.....
Deedat and his mates was feeling sad but they had no knowledge to be
able to face and respond , till he found an old and moldy book during he
was looking for some material to read at his boss's stock, The book's
name was "Izharulhakk" an Arabic name written in Latin letters and means
(truth reveal), That book was written in 1915 by Rahmatullah Kairawani a
Muslim sheikh from India who debated the British missionaries in

"Izharulhakk" was the beginning, Deedat
learned a lot from that book and in 1940 he started to give lectures for
small audiences then he dealt with some Christians to meet them at
Sundays after church to talk with them and that learned him how to speak
and debate. 

In 1950s Ahmed Deedat started to
teach others how to use the Bible in propagating Islam  and that
continued for three years, Later he discovered that was his best way for
learning as he said (there is no way to learn better than to teach). 

1957 Ahmed Deedat and his friends founded the Islamic propagation
center in Durban and They had a lot of activities there such as: 

  • Inviting tourists to visit Aljomaa masjed with free guiding and give them lectures and free books about Islam. 

  • Announcing
    in the local newspapers under the heading (The Quran speaks) they was
    writing a message from Quran and their name and phone number offering
    free Islamic printings. 

  • They made lightening banners with this statement (Read Al-Quran the last testament). 

  • They
    made what they called it (Islamic telecom) they put monitors in some
    shops displays the debates and lectures with comfortable chairs and
    anyone can sit and watch for free. 

  • They printed thousands of Quran translation and Islamic books and issued tapes which were requested around The world.

  • They
    founded an institute to train Muslim duah (those who spread and defend
    Islam) called it As-salam (an Arabic word with Latin letters means

Deedat debates:

Deedat faced many missionaries and pastors around the world, His debate
with Jimmy Swaggart in USA was the most popular debate as the Muslims in USA asked Deedat to respond Swaggart (Goliath of America) who used to
talk badly about Quran and prophet Mohammed S.A.W on The TV, Ahmed
Deedat faced Swaggart in a debate entitled (Is the Bible God's Word) and
by Allah Swaggart was defeated completely. 

also debated Stanley Sjoberg a famous pastor of a church in Stockholm
and a known missionary in many Muslim countries, He faced him in
Stockholm in two debates (Is the Bible the true word of God) and (Is
Jesus god) and by Allah the pastor was defeated in both of them. 

sharrosh, Robert Douglas and a long list of pastors Ahmed Deedat
debated them, all the debates was about a few indicated topics and
although the proves that Deedat used was known to his debaters before by
Deedat's books and by the previous debates they couldn't refute his

Deedat's books:

Deedat has many books distributed around the world:

Is the Bible God's Word?
What The Bible Says About Muhammad?
Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction?
"Muhammad" The Natural Successor to Christ.
Christ in Islam.
Islam's Answer to the Racial Problem.
The Muslim at Prayer. 
Who Moved the Stone?
Al-Qur'an the Miracle of Miracles. 

And many other books wich are all available now for free on the web. 

King Faisal Award:

In 1986 sheikh Ahmed Deedat was awarded king Faisal Award for his efforts in spreading and defending Islam. 

Illness and death:

3rd of May 1996, Ahmed Deedat suffered a stroke which left him
paralyzed from the neck down because of a cerebral vascular accident
affecting the brain stem, leaving him unable to speak or swallow.
learned to communicate through a series of eye-movements via a chart
whereby he would form words and sentences by acknowledging letters read
to him.
He spent the last nine years of his life in a bed in his home in South Africa, looked after by his wife.
On 8th of August 2005, Ahmed Deedat died and was buried at the Verulam cemetery. 


situations can't be forgotten :

Ahmed Deedat's life is full of great situations wich clear up who was Ahmed Deedat. 

In 1982 after getting the zionists to Lebanon, a photo of a Palestinian
mother tries to save her son from the soldiers was spreaded, Ahmed
Deedat announced a contest for the best comment on the photo, He tried
to publish the contest in the local newspapers in South Africa as a paid
advertisement , but the newspapers refused. 

After America was attacked at September 2001 Ahmed Deedat has been
asked by American journalists what would he do if he was the president
of the United States? he said "I would make my daughter Israel fair
with  the Palestinian people". 

A lot of Christians said that Deedat's illness was a punishment because
of challenging Christianity and a Christian woman came to his house
someday persuading him to believe in Christ to heal him,Sheikh Deedat asked her to sit and debated her. 

the last two mentioned situations sheikh Ahmed was completely paralyzed
and was talking using his eyes' language and his son translates, That
makes it clear how strong was the sheikh. 

we know well that sheikh Ahmed died by body only, But his books are
alive, his debates are alive, His way still alive with his students and
those who were affected by him.

the Muslim nation felt sad when they lost sheikh Ahmed Deedat but they
felt him came back to life when they saw his student Zakir Nike who is
in the footsteps of the sheikh, And we still hope to see more Ahmed
Deedats and Zakir Nikes. 


Amed Deedat talking about himself

Ahmed Deedat VS Jimmy Swaggart

Ahmed Deedat VS Anis SHarrosh

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