Ahmed Zewail The first Egyptian scientist win the Nobel Prize:

Ahmed Zewail is one of the most important scientists in the Arab world, and in the world as a whole, where he specialized in the field of chemistry and physics, he has accomplished many achievements, and received many awards, and in this article, we will introduce you to this scientist and his most important work. 

Ahmed Zewail The first Egyptian scientist win the Nobel Prize:

The scientist Ahmed Hassan Zewail was born on 26 February 1946, and he is one of the most prominent Egyptian chemists, professor of chemistry and professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology. Ahmed Zewail received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1999 due to his research in femtochemistry, and Zewail invented a microscope that depicts Laser rays at a time of about one millisecond. 

Ahmed Zewail The first Egyptian scientist win the Nobel Prize:

The origins and education of Ahmed Zewail: 

Ahmed Zewail received his basic education in Egyptian schools, and when Zewail finished his secondary education then joined the University of Alexandria at the Department of the Faculty of Science, and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, with honors with honors in 1967 and then worked again in the college, and then obtained a master’s degree in light science from The same university. 

Zewail then traveled to the United States on a scholarship, and received a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in laser science, after that he worked as a researcher at the University of California in 1974, and he has continued his academic study positions when working at Caltech University, which is one of the largest scientific universities In the United States of America, and he was appointed a major professor of chemistry, and this position is considered one of the highest scientific positions in America, and he was preceded by this chemical position by Linus Pauling who won the Nobel Prizes for Chemistry and World Peace.

Ahmed Zewail The first Egyptian scientist win the Nobel Prize:

Awards received by Ahmed Zewail: 

-  Nobel Prize. 

- Max Planck Award.

- Welch Prize.

- The Harrison Howe Award.

- King Faisal International Prize in Science.

- Hookst Prize.

- Medal of the Academy of Sciences and Arts.

- Excellence Award.

- Star tattoo.

- Franklin received the Sultan Qaboos Prize for Science and Physics in Oman.

- Priesty's necklace is considered the highest American honor in chemistry.

And these are just some of the awards that Ahmed Zewail won, not all of them.

Ahmed Zewail The first Egyptian scientist win the Nobel Prize:

Ahmed Zewail's work and accomplishments are numerous, and we will mention some of them: 

- The scientist Ahmed Zewail invented a very fast laser- powered imaging system , which monitors the movement and bonding of molecules with each other through his femtosecond. 

- Ahmad zewail has published 350 papers in various and specialized fields.

- The scientist Ahmed Zewail wrote more than 16 books, the most famous of which is the era of science, the journey of time, and other books.

- He wrote about 600 scientific articles.

- The scientist Ahmed Zewail developed the scientific base and the educational process.

- Ahmed Zewail founded Zewail City of Technology.

Ahmed Zewail The first Egyptian scientist win the Nobel Prize:

Zewail City of Science and Technology: -

This project is one of the most famous projects established by Ahmed, which is the Zewail City of Science and Technology, and it is the initiative for the development of education.  

It is an institution with full independence and dependent on Egyptians' donations. In addition, this project was built in the city of sixth of October on a huge area of about 270 acres.

 The goals of this great city are to educate the rising generation of technology science at the highest scientific level. Working to develop new technology to serve the neighboring countries, and this great city will make a major scientific shift in the history of Egyptian education.

The works of Ahmed Zewail The scientist Ahmed Zewail has written many books and books, most notably: 

- A journey through time is one of his most famous books, and it was published in 2005.

The Book of the Age of Science, published in 2005.

The Book of Time, published in 2007.

Book of Dialogue of Civilizations, issued in 2007.

Ahmed Zewail The first Egyptian scientist win the Nobel Prize:

The death of Ahmed Zewail

Ahmed Zewail died on Tuesday 2016 in the United States of America , and he was 70 years old, and the cause of death of the world was not known whether it was cancer or something else that caused his death, as his body was transferred to Egypt, and it is worth Pointing out that Ahmed Zewail's life is full of many, as he has been seeking throughout his scientific career to harvest the largest possible number of ideas and research so that all mankind can benefit from it. 

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