Altruism and possession are way different, how will they be shown in the ring maker story

The difference between Altruism and Possession:

Altruism is how you can give other people things that can make you happy with no regret or envy. it's the most beautiful quality that elaborates the feelings of love and life. it's what makes relationships grow stronger. it's when you love to see other people have all that they love and to have even what you love to have for yourself even if you don't have it yet.

While on the contrary, possession is the most wicked quality that can exist in a person's heart. It makes him loses everything sooner or later. It's when all that you wish is to have everything for yourself, even if it belongs to other people. It ruins any relationship eventually.

This story as a proof, and leave the judge for you;

"He was a ring maker and was famous for the beautiful rings he made; no one made rings as beautiful as his. All the women sought him, but his heart was set on making one ring very unique and beautiful for the only girl his heart beats for.

He promised to make her the most gorgeous ring. To him, his gift was like giving a piece of his soul to her. He spent many nights designing her ring. He wouldn't rest till he finally came up with the perfect design. The ring was champagne in color, made of gold, with a huge, rectangular- cut diamond. The diamond had the most unique cut. He spent many days handcrafting the ring, patiently shaping the diamond himself.

Altruism and possession are way different, how will they be shown in the ring maker story

She, in return, had promised him a cloak herself; made of velvety black cloth and trimmed with silver threads.

Altruism and possession are way different, how will they be shown in the ring maker story

After she finished the cloak, she found it was too beautiful to give away. So she wove him another, less beautiful, a replica, and kept the original one to herself.

On the day they had vowed to exchange their gifts- aimed the wows of a huge crowd- he gave her the ring. All the women envied her for having such a beautiful ring. She gave him the cloak in return.

He was very happy that he was wearing something she had woven especially for him. He could only think of the trouble, effort and long nights spent creating such a beautiful masterpiece. He could picture her, weaving the cloak using a fine needle, on the light of a dying candle. He promised himself he would forever live to cherish her. But she wasn't as happy; she believed his intentions to be as leery as hers. She was restless at the thought of how beautiful was the original ring that he must have kept from her.

For him; the cloak, forever a symbol of undying love.

For her; the ring forever tainted with doubts."

So intentions can be a sin,

if it was as dark as you have seen.

Be careful what you intend,

because it will decide how you end.

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