Aneesah: A Bedtime Story About Controlling Temper

There was a girl called Aneesah, she was beautiful and sweet, and her family loved her very much.

She didn't have lots of friends, and she was complaining to her mother about that, her mother told her it doesn't matter how many friends you have, what matters that you have the ability to be friends forever.

Aneesah's best friend is called Inas; they were very close to each other in most of their attitudes and lifestyle.

Once, Aneesah asked Inas: "do you know something that some girls might dislike about me??"

Inas was shy to tell her, but she knew something, and when Aneesah insisted on knowing, Inas told her: "well, they think that sometimes you get mad a lot and that you yell and become very angry"

Aneesah didn't know what to say, and somehow she didn't feel that this could be right, she told Inas that they are exaggerating and that she is a calm person and even if she gets mad, it doesn't happen a lot, Inas didn't reply.

Aneesah kept thinking about what Inas told her the whole day while classes, and when they were going home, she asked Inas: "do you really think I get mad that much, do you have the same opinion about me??"

Inas didn't want to lie to her best friend and said:"actually, yes, Aneesah, but I love you, though, and all of us has a flaw."

Aneesah went home to her mum and dad, and when they were having dinner, her mother asked her: "what's wrong sweetie? You seem sad!"

Aneesah said: "do I get mad a lot and I become very angry and yell in people faces??"

Her father smiled and told her: "why do you ask such a question, well yes, sometimes, it's somehow your worst flaw, though all the good qualities you have in you."

Aneesah was relieved but said: "so they are right about me, but how can I change myself?! , it's hard, this is who I am"

 Her mum said: "no, sweetie, we all can change how we behave, unless, Allah wouldn't torture us for our bad deeds if we didn't have control of ourselves, right??"

Aneesah was convinced and nodded to her mum.

Then she asked them: "but how can I do it, help me?!",her father answered: "train yourself and try to think before replying and always ask Allah to help you to be calm and insist on fixing this attitude."

The mother then said: "exactly, think about how many losses you lose when you be angry and how much friends you win if you are not angry"

Aneesah woke up the other day and decided to try to change herself, so she spent a whole two weeks trying not to yell or get mad at anyone, even if someone did something bad to her, she try to don't rush to speak and to reply quietly, so she noticed that she started to make more friends, and she thanked Inas that she made her notice her bad behavior, and told her: "you are my best friend forever."

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