Are you a lefty?

Dear lefties guess what?!

If you are a lefty, you are in good company! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
According to science being left handed means you have secret powers.

Though experts are still unsure why some people become right- or left-handed in childhood, or why right-handedness is so much more common.

But they are sure that left handed people brains are different and superior in certain ways. They can hear sounds that righties can’t hear. And they are better with divergent thinking. That’s why so many presidents are left-handed! The left-handed brain is good at thinking of creative solutions, so many lefties become artists, musicians, and scientists.

What's special about lefties?!

1-they are rare.

Only one in ten people are left-handed(10% of the population) but they still have a remarkable impact on the world.


According to certain studies in different universities they found lefties demonstrated faster and more accurate spatial skills. They also had more mental flexibility and excellent memory.

3-Better hearing

Language is processed mainly in the left hemisphere, which is responsible for rapidly changing sounds. The right hemisphere, which is more developed in lefties, processes slow changing Left handed people can hear slow changing sounds more easily than righties so they have better hearing.


However, left-handed people recover better from strokes than righties. Experts think it’s because lefties are inherently forced to strengthen both sides of the brain. They’re also better at using their non-dominant hand, so they may recover more easily from having part of their brain damaged.

5-Right-hand bias and death!

It’s a right-handed world. Since 90% of people are righties, most tools and supplies are designed for them. This creates a lot of major problems for lefties.

Every year, 2500 lefties are killed from using right-handed tools. But even tools like scissors, knives, cameras, and computer mouses, which are standardized for righties, make life more inconvenient for the left-handed minority.

6-Better at divergent thinking and More creative?

Some people argue lefties are more creative. Leonardo di Vinci, Renoir, Michelangelo, and Raphael were all left-handed. Experts argue that since they are forced to use different parts of their brain, they think outside of the box more.

7-They have their special day

August 13th is National Left-Handed day!

Are you a lefty? Let us know what you think of these "super powers" in the comments section below. Share this with your left handed friends and tell them how special they are!

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