Are you feeling so bored at Work ?

Are you feel so bored at Work ?

Sometimes you are waiting the clock to hit 5:00PM to leave the office ? did you finish all tasks you wrote on the to do list but still there is some time to spare. Many times you refresh your email hoping to get something.

There is a smart way to take advantage of the extra time. Read below

Research your salary

You’re working to get paid, so it’s always good to make sure you’re doing ok in the salary department by researching the latest market trends for your job.

Build rapport with your team

Take this opportunity to go to lunch with a co-worker or even your boss, if possible, Taylor says. In the normal break-neck pace of business, it’s difficult to take time out in a social setting to discuss the larger picture; the company and department’s mission or just to build a stronger bond with team members

Clean up your email newsletters

This has probably been on your to-do list for a long time. Most of us receive email newsletters we signed up for a long time ago but no longer read. Save yourself the extra scrolling and extra deletes by unsubscribing to things that you no longer want to receive.

Schedule a coffee with someone you respect at work

You know that Vice President in the sales department you’ve always thought conducted herself well with clients and was a real star at the company? You don’t need to have much of an excuse to ask someone you work with to coffee so go out on a limb and tell them you’d like to learn more about their work and ask them to have a 15-30 minute coffee with you. This is the time to do it

Double check your enrollment options

Are you maximizing your company match on your 401k plan? Is your health care FSA under-utilized. Make adjustments to these kinds of benefit enrollments when you feel bored at work because this is stuff that can really add up in terms of making a financial investment over the long haul.

Evaluate your use of time

A quiet day is a great opportunity to analyze how you're spending your days, and whether you're working smart. "Consider yourself your own time management consultant, and examine your past month's meetings and deliverers , Taylor suggests. Create what you think is your general daily work flow on a document, then start making adjustments for greater efficiency. It can be a big wake up call if you realize that you're spending far too much time on the phone with a particular client or peer handling e-mails for the first two hours of the day not prioritizing your e-mails taking too long to handle business reporting not using technological tools for transaction activities or not delegating enough, for example. If you sometimes feel like your drowning in duties, this is an ideal time to make some real changes

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