Article ideas that will help you to overcome writers block

Article ideas that will help you to overcome writers block

Sometimes ,especially for those who write- you face a mental block which would totally block your mind from having any new ideas. You would find yourself helpless with an empty mind and then you start looking around for inspiration. You would focus on these tiny little details around you like a small ant on the floor or tree leaves or even at people chatting but you still get no clue. In this article we will give you some tips and advises to help you out of blank zone and you could use these tips all the time to help you get inspiration.

Make a list of ideas and tips

Always make your own list of ideas and tips you get around your whole day. Better keep a small notebook and a pen in your pocket to write down all ideas you get. You don't know when you will be needing them again

'How to' is always a good idea

You can always write about a tutorial or how to get things done. pick a topic you know how to get done or even search the internet and then write it down for your readers with your own style. There are always people who are asking the same questions you asked before

Current news. Just comment on it

Comment on some current news with your opinion and gather your resources to strengthen your article. People are interested in reading other people's opinions about matters they care about at the time.

Reason articles (or what i call: Why articles)

Try to find out the reason behind some matters. Ask yourself why this thing happened or not happened?. Try to answer it yourself with your ideas. There are plenty of ideas that go under this question like why there are lots of wars around the world or why people can't live in harmony etc.

Answer a question you have been asked

Or even someone else's question to someone. You can look around yourself for questions and answer it in your article. Of course some questions can be altered or they start to get other questions in a sequential matter. You can answer any of these questions.

Criticize someone else's article or opinion

That is an easy way of writing articles. Check out the internet or social media for something your don't like and start criticizing it. Just keep in mind to keep your opinion out of bias and avoid being judgmental. Everyone has a reason for what they said or did.

Review something you learned from a recent talk

Share with your readers something you had learnt from a recent conversation with someone. That requires you to be a good listener at the first place, so if you aren't you better start to listen to other people's ideas and they will help you learn something new for sure.

Case study

Discuss some case that happened to you or near your prospect and talk about it. Explain it, try to analyse it, get some lessons behind it. Share it with your readers and see how they respond to it.

Other ideas

There are plenty of other ideas on the list. For example: Summarize recent news, interview someone and ask for they opinions, discuss critics opinions, movies and music, or even write your own way of life and how you deal with your own cases and problems.

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