Career Scope for English Language Students and Skills Needed to Get a Job

CONGRATULATIONS, English department of all different universities around the world, you have access to the most wide- open gate to the world. You might have not considered that before studying in this field, but it has lots of great choices and opportunities waiting for you to engage in. It's fun to study and to build your skills in any language, you have to work a lot on your culture and absorbing this different country language and life. Self- study is 90 percent in this field because you can never know everything in 4 or 5 years about any language relying only on the courses you have in lectures.

Down below, I'll mention to you most of the jobs opportunities you have according to your certificate:

1- Online teacher:

Now, online teaching has been spreading very quick lately, it became very common almost everywhere, though it was not heard of 10 years ago. It's now the main method of teaching in some countries because there are people everywhere who want to learn subjects or courses that don't even exist in their country or their culture. such as; learning the Quran in foreign Christian countries or learning Arabic in the U.S.A or Canada. Although there are Arab teachers there, of course, they are few, and people seek to find original Arabic speakers to learn the language correctly from the native speakers.

Not only the Quran or Arabic that demanded online and available for you to work but also English and Islamic studies and many other materials that you will be able to work in as long as you have what it takes.

2- Typist:

Online typing is a highly demanded job, you can write articles, advertise for websites or products online. whether from home or at the company workshop.

3- Translator and Interpreter:

They are the main jobs of course for your specialty, so no need to illustrate them, there is a long talk considering these jobs, and you need to know all about them before you hit the road for any of them.

4- Writer:

You can write your own book, start your own website, or even work as an Article Writer anywhere.

There are of course other jobs available such as a secretary or College Professor, and many others.

As you now know, there are many vacancies for you, but only if you worked hard on your own during the college years, Thus, here are some pieces of advice to be qualified for these jobs mentioned above:

1- Very good accent.

2- Awareness of culture.

3- know other languages besides English, be very good at one and others that you can know some about.

4- Computer skills, at least typing on the word and how to coordinate sheets of papers.

5- Internet skills, how to use Google for search, how to find what you want easily and fast on different websites.

6- open- minded concerning the different cultures that you will deal with.

7- Human resources efficiency.

8- Training somewhere starting from the first year of college till the last one.

9- Working in these fields during studying. You'll find some jobs you can apply for that don't ask for experience. this will help you a lot once you graduate to find a job quickly, whether you stay in the same position as you'll gain experience by the time you graduate and will be qualified more than your other colleges to be promoted in that same place for a higher position, or you can leave that place and go for a higher one with 4 or 5 years experience at a very early age.

and for sure, you will need to be excellent in the college courses exams results, so you can be hired in a high position as a Professor, and also be good educated because college is not enough for you to be at the top, but it's the main basics that you need to have first then added your experiences and skills to it.

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