Did Dinosaurs Really Live Millions of Years Ago?

During a little chat with a small kid he was trying to make a dinosaur figure using lego cubes, I asked him what he's doing? The boy answered: "I'm trying to make a T-Rex". Tyrannosaurus Rex (publicly known as T-Rex) is the most famous dinosaur ever with this big head, small hands, and protruding sharp teeth like it was a machine that was specifically designed to kill. I asked this little boy about what he really knows about dinosaurs and he turned out to know much about these lovely creatures, he probably knew more than me, he knew about some types of dinosaurs I didn't know about and he also knew that T-Rex lived almost (65-70 million years ago). I asked this little smart kid: " How do you you make sure that T-Rex lived 70 million years ago and why not thousands of years ago? Did you even live in that era?" The boy answered: "My teacher told me so!".

There is an undeniable scientific agreement upon the era when dinosaurs were in action (245-66 million years ago). These information are being taught to both school kids and academics as some sort of undeniable facts and they are all comfortable to it but is it really a fact?. This article isn't about trying to debunk scientific facts but it's more about how we define science itself and is it undeniable?, should we really ask ourselves some questions from time to time?, isn't it what science is all about; I mean asking questions?.

Okay, I'm going to ask some questions here and then I will try to answer it according to my limited knowledge and logic. First of all we have to agree upon some scientific fact and it goes through all of our lives, how to make sure that Shakespeare or Leonardo Da-Vinci lived and existed in some era?. You didn't see both but you read about them, you know someone who saw someone who saw someone else with an ongoing chain of sightings that would end up to that specific person. Same goes for religious figures and personnel like (Prophet Muhamed) and (Jesus). Also the Hole Quran and Bible and any other religious or historic manuscript goes back on time to someone or some people. Even though some modern minds would question the existence of some pretty famous historic figures like (Jesus) and (Buddha) for example. Some others never truly existed like (Uncle Sam) and (Robin Hood) for example, read this article here about famous historic figures who never really existed.

What I mean is that some pretty famous historic figures could be questionable to be ever existed at all even that there are many teachings and manuscripts that refer back to them. This is the true nature of science, you can't be sure about anything at all. Sometimes you will have to trust someone else and choose to believe in things you don't really have a certain proof for.

That's the main issue here about dating rocks and fossils back to millions of years ago when no man ever lived or saw any of these rocks and creatures coming to life. This shouldn't be considered as facts rather than a theory as long as we can't see or reproduce these objects to tell with our own eyes what we really saw. Let me ask you some questions then and I will try to help you with what I know so far and leave the final judgement to you:

1- Did we see dinosaurs?

Well, I didn't and neither you did but did someone in the past see it?. Some cave paintings all over the world were found where some paintings of dinosaur-like creatures were discovered. These paintings were so many that we can't ignore. Did our ancestors live aside with dinosaurs? Did they imagine it? Check out these images for example:

And check out this relatively modern painting from Ottoman era: