Disney's Classical Princesses Facts And Impact

Disney produced a lot of female characters many of them are princesses
who are all beloved and adored by children around the world, such as"
Sofia the first", "The princess and the frog", "Frozen", "Rapunzel" and
too much more. 
However, The classical princesses stories still the most popular and beloved for all ages. We all still enjoy the story of Snow-white, Cinderella....etc.

Now let's go back in time and remember some of the most popular  Disney fairy tales:

Snow white:                                      

Disney's Classical Princesses   Facts And Impact

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was produced by Walt Disney Production in1937.
The story is about a beautiful young princess escaped to the forest from her step mother that was jealous. 
Snow-white found the Seven Dwarfs' house and by the time she became a part of their life. 
The step mother pretended that she's an old woman and persuaded Snow-white to bite a poisoned apple. 
Finally the prince who really loved Snow-white saved her life. 



Disney's Classical Princesses   Facts And Impact

This film "Cinderella" was produced in 1950 .
And its story is about a kindhearted girl, Her step mother treated her so bad and made her a poor bad dressed servant. 
The king made a ball to find a bride for the crown prince. 
The step mother and her two ugly daughters will attend, But they prevented Cinderella from going. 
The good fairy appears and helps Cinderella, But there is one rule, Cinderella must leave the ball before midnight. 
The crown prince fall in love with Cinderella.
The clock is ticking, It's midnight. 
Cindrella runs away and forgets her shoe, soldiers look everywhere for the girl. 
Finally, The duke find Cinderella with the other shoe and the prince marry her. 

Beauty an the beast:                                             

Disney's Classical Princesses   Facts And Impact
Walt Disney produced the film in 1991. 
The story is about an arrogant prince who was turned by a spell into a
beast, And his only hope is to earn a young woman's heart. 
"Belle" the kind daughter offered to replace her father who was a prisoner at the beast's castle. 
staff of the castle played a role to make the beast earns Belle's heart,
The beast learned not to be selfish nor arrogant any more. 
The spell was broken, the beast and everything in the castle returned
to his normal as the beast could earn Belle's heart. 

Common factors among Disney princesses:

The official Disney Princesses have a number of things in common. 

1-The character is human, or human-like as in the case of Ariel and Tinkerbell. 
2-The character has either been born royal, married royal, or has performed an act of heroism.
3- The Princesses show good will towards all creatures, evidenced by the common ability to communicate with animals.
4-The Princesses are known for their inner and outer beauty, as well as having beautiful singing voices. 

Disney's Classical Princesses   Facts And Impact

Finally, We should analyze the impacts of Disney princesses on the children specially girls:

It's a good thing to give a sample of the girl who is fit, well
dressed, her hair is combed and beautiful and her voice is soft when she
is talking. 

Secondly, It learns children that those who are nice with all creatures are beloved and learns them that evil never wins. 

But, bad impact is:

Most or maybe all of those films have a love story and perhaps some kisses too and of course that's not good for children. 

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