Article Views (Visits Numbers)

Articles views are among the most important factors in determining the popularity and likability of your articles. There are three types of views on Orrec:

1- Views (Normal Views):

These are the normal views of any article that reflect all kinds of article visits. Views are usually the biggest number of all types of views by nature as the views counter calculates every single user visit, crawler visit, page pings, refreshed visits, and basically any kind of call for the page of your article. 

2- Unique Views:

These are the numbers of unique visits for your article. For example; If someone visits your article for the first time it is counted as both a view and unique view since it is his first time on this article but if he refreshes the page normal views would rise up but unique views will not since it is not a unique view anymore. Another application is when you try to refresh your article multiple times then it would gain more views but not unique views.

3- Sure Views:

This is the most important measure of our views counting system as sure views are unique views in which the reader cared to spend some time and finish reading your article which reflects likability and real interest in your content.

Sure views are the basics of profit calculations and they reflect real visits and readings from real people to your articles rather than spamming or web crawler visits. The only way of gaining more sure views is gaining more spread and popularity of your article which could be accomplished in many ways such as organic reach from search engines or sharing your article on social media platforms or any other advertisement media and also referrals from other websites that could use your article as a reference to their content.

So, basically if your content are unique and great with some shares or advertisement it would gain lots f sure views and hence increasing your profits.

You can always your analytics page to check your statistics regarding to your general performance and also separate articles performances and ways of improvement using our infographics and reports.