Articles Guidelines

As a part of our general commitment to provide great content and considering that our writers are not employees of our firm but rather we consider them share holders of their own content and so we provide you with general guidelines that should make article submission process simpler and more efficient.

Our guidelines are constantly updated to comply with community guidelines and new trends in definition of good content and quality so keep update and read these guidelines carefully in order to get familiar with Orrec.

1- Article's title:

Title is the first item that leads to your article either by viewing it on our directories and main pages or through search engines. You title should be interesting, catchy, and relevant to your content for sure. The title should be at least 5 words in order to make a meaningful phrase that guides the user through content he seeks to read and explore. 

Shorter titles (less than 5 words) will be rejected automatically as a general rule and also titles that are irrelevant to content or leading to faulty impressions in comparison to real content.

2- Article's content:

In order to provide a meaningful content as in general terms of articles, your content should be well organized in paragraphs and sub headers with using clear language to make it easier for the reader to read it. So you shouldn't just paste your content as a one big block but rather separate them in simple 3-5 lines paragraphs.

Content length should be at least (500 words) which means that shorter contents will be rejected as they don't rise up to our standards. However, shorter contents would be more suitable to be posted as a post, image, or quote form rather than an article form.

According to recent web page standards, search engines tend to prefer longer content lengths for search results and so the longer your article's length, the longer search engines rankings you get. There is no strict number for words count in your article but best articles usually range between 2000-3000 words with good writing techniques and external links of relevancy and for sure; uniqueness of content.

3- References and links:

As a general rule, you should provide links and external resources to your content which increases your page authority and credibility in search engines. Try to add 3-5 links inside your article in relevancy to your content for sure and use proper credible links like trusted websites.

4- Images:

Although images are a great way to colorize your article and make it more appealing and visually friendly to the reader, however, written contents are the best way to rank your article. So we prefer using images just in terms of explanation and delivering a message already written but not irrelevant images.

Of course you need to make sure the images you use are not restricted by copyrights of other websites or personnel and make sure that the images you use are either owned by you or of free open source use license. Many website offer free images of great quality which you can use instead of using images you don't have permission to.

5- Tags:

Our tags system is a little different from usual hashtags you use on other social media. They are of importance in categorizing your article and putting in the right directories and also getting it on search results either internally or externally. You should use 3-5 tags of each article at least in one or two words each.

Longer tags are considered as malpractice and faulty use of article submission as they are not meant to be complete phrases but rather simple words that relate to the article's content.

6- Styling the article:

Do not just write the article on external word editor and then copy & paste it here as the styling system you use on external word editors won't apply to our editor and if you must do so, try to re-stylize your article on our word editor after pasting it in order to get better organization of your article.

7- Read before you write:

By that we mean that you should consider reading about writing articles online as a general rule and also reading about the content you wish to write for to make a general idea about different ways of writing until you generate your own writing style.

Online writing is way different from hard press writings and also other forms of writing such as writing books, newspapers, or magazines. Online writing is a dynamic process that generates dynamic content which should comply to terms of internet community and it's applications in search engines. There are different criteria for online writing such a the ones mentioned previously and others but as a general rule you should make your content unique, interesting, meaningful, with amazing titles and relevant external links.

8- Forbidden content:

Any content that means to harm or insult other people or groups on religious, ethnic, or gender bases are forbidden on Orrec and will lead you to penalty. Also we don't prefer to talk about politics, religions, or sexual topics in terms of seeking attraction but rather from a scientific non biased points of view.

There are plenty of topics to write about rather than seeking the trends by raising controversies and conflicting with general accepted terms of internet communities. Please refer to our article's policy here for more info.

And finally we wish you a great experience on writing and developing your personal profile as a writer on our platform as we always want to read great contents you write!