Articles Policy

We are a big family committed to providing great content to the world and hence comes our Articles Policy to guide you through this process. Please read the following outlines and commit to them in order to comply to our terms and main strategy which focuses on avoiding harming others as in personal or group or cultural terms and also committing to unique and amazing content publishing.

Articles Policy on Orrec:

Please refer to our terms page to avoid any violations in Orrec terms of use. We will simplify our articles policy to you in these points.

1- Do not copy and paste from other sources unless you are permitted

You have to write your own articles with your own style and try to avoid copying and pasting from outsider sources unless you have a legal permission to paste this material on Orrec.

2- Same goes for images

Any images and videos or any other media you paste on Orrec are your own responsibility. You have to make sure your content are not copyrighted by other users. There are plenty of images on the internet free of any copyrights.

3- Mention your sources

If your content is copied from external sources and for more credibility, you have to mention the original sources where you copied this content from. Do not quote other users work without mentioning the original author or source.

4- Make a worthy content

Articles should be at least of 500 - 1000 words each in order to be promoted and reach more users on Orrec and on search engines. Articles with just photos or videos will not reach as much users as text rich content.

5- Do not spam

Spamming articles and content on Orrec will make you liable to banning or reducing your credibility factor. Submit your articles just once and we will review and agree to your content as soon as we can. The more credible you are the easier your articles will reach our users.

6- Use proper language, no cursing or bad language permitted

Use proper language, respect other users who don't want to read bad language and profane content.

7- No pornographic content is allowed

Any pornographic content will lead you to immediate ban from writing or even using Orrec in the future. Stay clean and paste clean content on Orrec.

8- No spamming ads

This is a website for sharing articles, jobs, and items for sale. Do not spam ads about loans or paste risky materials on Orrec as this will make you liable for immediate ban.

9- Respect others and their privacy

Respect other users on Orrec and their privacy. Use proper language in conversations and do not paste any material that violates others privacy.

10- Your content is your own responsibility

Orrec holds no legal responsibility for the material you publish. Follow our guidelines carefully and read all terms in order to have a good experience using Orrec.

11- Do not paste fake or violent content

Fake or violent content will be banned from Orrec and will affect your future credibility on any articles you paste in future.