Frequently Asked Questions

We are glad to answer common and frequently asked questions that get to us mostly. If you have further concerns you can contact us on our dashboard for registered users only. This section is always updated with any new common questions we face so keep updated by checking it whenever new questions occur to you:

1- How to sign up an account on Orrec?

- Click the sign up button and choose a ways to register a new account. You can use email registration by providing use with your email account and general info and we will send you a confirmation email to confirm your account. You can also use Facebook or Google sign in to create a new account automatically without confirmation needed.

2- I used email registration but I didn't get confirmation email. Why?

- First you need to check your junk or spam email box as some email servers miss our confirmation emails with spam emails like any other website. If you still didn't get your confirmation email you can check the resend confirmation email link whenever your account still needs activation. If no success then our email server might be blocked by your email provider and in this case you may need to contact us on dashboard or use another email for registration from another company. If all these methods fail then try registering using Facebook or Google sign in method.

3- I want to apply for writing on Orrec. What should I do?

- You don't need a special application to become a writer on Orrec. Just sign in and start writing and join our community. Orrec is not a hiring agency and writing articles is a generic feature of our platform that is available for everyone.

4- What are the main topics I should write about?

- You can write about whatever occurs to your mind. We don't have special requirements for topics but we have many concerns against materials that involve personal, racial, cultural, religious, or gender insults. For these reasons we don't advice writing about political, religious, or sexual topics as a part of conflicting with other groups of opposing opinions. However, we encourage general knowledge without any biases that comes as a part of our general strategy to provide information to the world.

5- My article got rejected. Why is that?

- Apart from crossing redlines that we referred to in previous point and in our articles guidelines and policies. Your article could be rejected for many reasons. For example: Short content length, Short title, Irrelevant content to the title provided, Using profane language, and also plagiarism from other sources.

6- Will I get paid for posting images, photos or quotes?

- No, you are only awarded for articles that meet certain requirements and views counts. However, posting images, quotes, or any other materials will help your profile as a writer and will aid for your articles to be shown more on our main pages through our scoring and ranking system. 

7- When will I get paid?

- Whenever you reach minimum cash requirements for requesting cash transfer, you can submit a request and get paid within 2-3 working days.

8- My articles don't get much views. Why is that?

- Not all articles are favored by all users. It takes time to build reputation and generate a constant flow of views through organic ways. However you can aid your articles to gain more popularity by sharing them with your friends on social media platforms or in other websites.

9- Why my sure views are much fewer than views count on my article?

- You can refer to our Docs section for understanding more about sure views and unique views but in short words, your article could gain lots of views by users refreshing the same page for many times or by web crawlers which are auto bots that visit all the pages for indexing purposes. However, sure views are only counted when a real user visits your article, reads it, and spends some time on it. A sure view means some real person truly read your article and the only way to reach this is by writing unique and interesting contents that make readers want to read them.

10- My article disappeared from home page, why is that?

- Indexing articles on our home page is a dynamic process that takes many factors into consideration but generally if your article started to disappear from home page it means either your article lost trend by getting old or that users prefer to read other materials now than your article. The best way is to keep on home page is by writing new contents constantly and increasing your reputation as a trusted writer on Orrec.

11- Where to find my articles?

- You can find all your articles under the main menu in My Articles link.

12- How to write good articles?

- Follow our guidelines, write interesting titles, unique contents that add value to readers. Read a lot before you start writing. It is a dynamic process to develop your unique writing style and it will need lots of practice to be a good writer. However, you can start now by writing an article and get comments about your works for further development in the future.

13- I write good content, share them, but still not getting many sure views. Why?

- Not everyone is famous and successful but everyone could try to be. Don't give up so easily and work more on your materials and writing style. Target good keywords that could rank your articles easily. Write about things that people want to read about or things you are good at. Focus your efforts on a series of articles about one topic so that you can gain reputation in that specific topic and get ranked for it.

14- Why publish my contents here and not somewhere else?

- Because we value your content, we are willing to share profits with you, and because we specialize in publishing articles online. We also follow a more open strategy about writing articles and we accept anything that could add value to people. Our own slogan is (You are our partner, not a customer or an employee).