Rewards System and Making Profit From Articles

Making profit from publishing articles is a very easy and rewarding process. You can make lots of money from Orrec by publishing your unique and creative content on our platform. Making profits is based mainly on sure views calculations, you can read more about sure views in here.

There are many dynamic systems for profit calculations on Orrec and by dynamic we mean that this process and profit rates are variable and could be changed through time either with more or less rewarding rates depending on our latest algorithmic updates in which we will keep you up to date with.

The current profit calculation systems are as follows:

1- The Regular Profit System:

- This system rewards you with regular rate of 100 cents (1 USD) for each 1000 sure views no matter how many sure views your article gets. For example: If you are article gains 5000 sure views you will be rewarded 5 USD added to your balance in rewards center.

2- Promotional Profit System:

- There are 3 promotional milestones that are currently activated for content makers which are 50, 100, and 150 sure views. You get 50 cents (0.5 USD) for each. For example: If your article reaches 50 sure views you will be rewarded 50 cents and if it reaches 150 sure views it will be rewarded 150 cents.

- The promotional system rewards rates are dynamic and changing over time and we will inform you if any changes in this current system occur.

Please be informed that regular system will keep track of your article for 6 months after publishing while the promotional system will keep track for only 2 months which means after 2 months if your article doesn't reach the target promotional milestones it will be excluded while regular system will keep tracking for a maximum of 6 months after which your rewarding for this article will be over and this goes for each article separately.

You will be notified for each reward added to your balance. You can also check your current balance at our Rewards Center

To monitor current statistics and analytics of you articles you can check your analytics page for analysis, reports, and statistics that will help you with assessing and exploring areas of improvement of you articles performance.

You can check separate article performances in analytics center or check the link provided in you article that will show to you in your articles.

Rewards System and Making Profit From Articles

Rewards Payment Requests:

- The minimum cash transfer requests vary with the payment method you use. For Egyptian residents, you can request cash transfer for a minimum of 10 USD whenever reached through Vodafone Cash system by providing your eligible Vodafone number that is registered to Vodafone Cash service.

- For non Egyptian residents you can request cash transfer through PayPal cash transfer service by providing your PayPal code and submitting a request of cash transfer. The minimum amount of cash requests for PayPal are 50 USD .

- You can check your rewards center for cash requests whenever you reach the minimum cash due for transfer process.

- The transfer process takes 2-3 working days after you submit your requests.