Writing Articles on Orrec

Writing Articles on Orrec is a very easy and simple process that any registered user can access and enjoy. Spread your contents worldwide and let the whole world enjoy them!

1- At first you need to create an account on Orrec

Create an account on Orrec to start writing and publishing your articles on Orrec. Click the sign up button from the header above. You can use regular email registration method or sign in using your Facebook or Google accounts.

2- You can access the writing page with the link in your header above under the Create menu or click the link here.

3- Now you should see a word-like editor which is very simple to use. Write down your content and submit them to Orrec.

4- Please note the following while writing for the first time:

Writing Articles on Orrec

In the picture above you can see the main mandatory fields to be filled in order to submit your article:

*1- You must fulfill a title for your article that is relevant to your content. The title should be at least 5 words not less in order to pass our filters.

*2- You must submit an image for your article which will not show on your article itself but rather on on our directories to guide to your article. However if you want to use that image inside your article you should submit it separately inside the article as a part on general content of the article. Please comply to images copyrights and make sure the images you use are owned by you or at least have an open source license for free of use and distribution. In case you don't own a good relevant picture for your article you can simply use your own personal picture.

*3- Now write a short description to your article in 200 words which will be also shown in our directories only but not on your article. Short description should be relevant to the article's content and also interesting enough as it will help readers to find and visit your articles.

*4- You need to add at least one tag to your article which will help us also in proper categorization of your article through our directories. You can submit tags by typing the content and submitting each tag by using the comma (,) mark or Enter button in your keyboard.

*5- Now you can start writing your content. Your content should be unique and not copied from other sources as articles you submit will be ran through our plagiarism checker and content with plagiarism > 23% will be rejected permanently so you should run your content through a plagiarism checker before your submit them to Orrec in order to avoid having your articles rejected and you being banned eventually upon repeated plagiarism detection of your content.

Your content should be at least 400 words length as ultra short content are not appropriately identified as an article by our terms. Instead if you prefer shorter contents you can simply submit them by a post or a quote through our different submission methods.

Now that you finished you will press the submit button and wait for your article to be reviewed and published on Orrec.

If you prefer to make modifications on your article you can save it for later rather than submitting it as you will lose control over your article upon submission and pass it to our team.

5- You can adjust your article's content through our word editor menus above by adding headers, images, and links as shown below:

Writing Articles on Orrec

Writing Articles on Orrec

6- You can either add images directly using upload methods or adding link URL to submit your images inside the article:

Writing Articles on Orrec

7- Always try to make your articles well organized and with good, interesting, and unique content to build up your reputation on Orrec as a trusted writer which will reflect later on your articles' views and likability and hence your chance to make more profit from them.

8- You can also review our Article's guidelines here in order to introduce a good content without conflicts with our Policies. Check the article's guidelines from the link here before you start submitting articles.