Eating Just Before Bedtime: Is It Good or Bad for Health?

Good sleeping is an important factor in maintaining the health of the body. It can help reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. In addition to maintaining the health of the digestive system and the brain. It also enhances the immune system in the body. Between 7-9 hours a day, many people suffer from inability to sleep for sufficient periods for various reasons. 

Many people think that eating before bedtime is a bad idea and this often comes from the belief that eating before going to sleep leads to weight gain. However, some claim that a snack before bedtime can actually support your diet to lose weight. Eating Just Before Bedtime: Is It Good or Bad for Health?

What is Bad about eating just before bedtime?

-It is recommended that people who suffer from the phenomenon of recovery not to eat 3 hours before the date of their immortality to sleep and is really a perfect time and everyone should adhere to it even those who do not suffer from recovery.

- Waiting at least an hour after dinner before bedtime reduces the risk of stroke and the harm.

 -Eating and sleeping will slow the digestion process and not digestion of food may lead to rot, which causes a danger to the heart and internal organs.

- Increased risk of obesity and weight gain.

 -Eating heavy meals and sleeping directly may lead to anxiety and stress during sleep because it is possible that acidity occurs in the stomach

-Sleep Apnea: Where food works in the stomach and intestines to pressure the diaphragm, which impedes the entry and exit of the air during inhalation and exhalation, which causes the feeling of shortness of breath and stop several times during the period of sleep, which means higher chances of strokes and increase this proportion with smokers, heart patients, diabetes, cholesterol, And pressure. Eating also changes blood sugar and cholesterol levels, leading to changes in the speed and amount of blood flow that explain the increased risk of strokes.

- Lung infections and cough:As mentioned above due to gastric acid re flux of the pulmonary and respiratory tract, which may lead to persistent coughing.

- Eating before sleep to imbalance of hormones in the body:As the body produces large amounts of Guerlin hormone responsible for the feeling of hunger, which coincides with the production of lepton responsible for the sense of satiety, the two hormones that control the appetite, which means that any during their secretions cause damage to the body.

- Increased weight and obesity:Eating just before bedtime leads to body fat accumulation, tiredness, lethargy, headache, depression. Burning excess amounts of fat and starches requires a motor effort, which is of course lost during sleep and relaxation. Therefore, it is recommended to be overweight at night by eating vegetables, fruits or low-calorie snacks.

- Loss of teeth: Dentists warn against eating directly before bedtime, because eating starches before sleeping leads to the accumulation of food in the cavities of teeth for many hours during sleep, which leads to increased acidity of the teeth and infected with decay, which may expose them to dislocation.

Eating Just Before Bedtime: Is It Good or Bad for Health?

What is Good?

Some of the benefits of eating before bedtime can be:

-The possibility of helping to reduce weight: Some evidence suggests that a snack before bedtime can contribute to weight loss instead of increasing it. A snack after dinner helps to reduce the desire to eat at night. One study has suggested that people who ate breakfast with After one and a half hours of milk, the calories they consumed during the day were about 397 calories, and they weighed 0.85 kilograms as a result over the course of 4 weeks.

-Sleep Improvement:Although there are not many studies on this benefit, many people have suggested that eating them before bedtime helped them sleep better. They reduced their waking at night because they felt hungry, and getting enough comfortable sleep was important. Too much for the body, as lack of sleep can lead to excessive eating and gaining weight.

Eating Just Before Bedtime: Is It Good or Bad for Health?

Foods to avoid before sleeping:

You can have a snack before bed, but there are several types of foods that are advised to avoid, and the following types of these foods:

Fatty foods

Where fatty foods can take longer to digest. Acidic foods; these foods increase gastrointestinal re flux.


They contain large amounts of sugar, in addition to caffeine that can lead to sleep disorder.

 Foods can be taken before bedtime

There are several types of foods that can be taken before bed to improve the quality of sleep, and these foods include:


 Where it contains the hormone melanin, which regulates sleep, in addition to magnesium, which has a role in promoting sleep, and can eat nuts for a better sleep.


It contains high protein, which increases the feeling of fatigue, and contains tryptophan (Tryptophan), which increases the body's production of melatonin, which contributes to the promotion of sleep.

Chamomile tea:

 It is characterized by certain properties that improve the quality of sleep. These include the containment of the anti-oxidant Epigenin (Apigenin), which is linked to certain receptors in the brain may reduce insomnia, and increase the feeling of sleepiness.

Flower Tea Time:

(Passionflower), which can improve sleep because it contains abigenin compounds (Apigenin), as well as its contribution to increased gamma acid production.


 Studies suggest that this type of fruit can improve sleep, and may be due to its content of serotonin (Serotonin), which helps regulate the sleep cycle.

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