Eight ways to improve your self control

Self- monitoring is a type of self- review, which helps to achieve goals, and focus on activities related to these goals. For example, people who want to control themselves and reduce the calories they eat; monitor the number of daily calories entering their bodies, until they become this process is part of normal behavior. 

Eight ways to improve your self control

The art of self- control is defined as a mental sport that aims to develop and revitalize the physical capabilities and reveal the buried energies within the human being so that the person trains himself to accept himself and deal with its defects and repair it, which helps him to raise his competencies and deal with any situation or field with vitality and activity Aside from trusting in his abilities and ability to control his emotions, the art of self- control is considered the best solution for dealing with the state of anger that afflicts a person and which he is unable to express and thus fails to deal with different life situations, for a person who is able to control himself so that he keeps calm He smiles or speaks gently when he gets angry, because he is a coherent person with deep faith and absolute self- confidence. 

Now You can applying a number of tips like: 

1. Know your Identify weaknesses:

 All people have weaknesses, which may be variable in importance and impact. Eating snacks , such as: potato chips, or following social networking sites such as Facebook, usually tend to deny that such behaviors are weaknesses that affect them negatively, or try to cover them ignore them, but these shortcomings and weaknesses must be identified; to control it with the aim of controlling it. 

2. Stay away from distractions:

 The ability to control and control the self- increases when disposing of all the temptations and distractions surrounding it, as it will be difficult not to do something that is in the same environment all the time. For example, to avoid eating unhealthy foods, it is advised to throw it in the trash, and if there is a desire to increase Productivity at work, it is recommended to turn off the mobile device, and turn off social media notifications, the less distractions there are, the more the person can focus on controlling himself.

Eight ways to improve your self control

3. Try Meditation:

 Meditation helps train the mind, so that it becomes a machine for self- control and improving emotional intelligence, so it is useful to do some simple mental techniques, such as: meditation and clearing the mind, and this needs more than five minutes a day, in which the person focuses on his senses and breathing only, as well as Meditation helps improve self- awareness, and the mind's ability to resist destructive feelings. 

4. Sleep well: 

Feeling of fatigue due to lack of sleep reduces the ability to control oneself, the body cells in stress reduce their ability to absorb glucose significantly, which plays a very important role in the brain's ability to control impulses, and many mental signals, which help to control emotions and behaviors Therefore, getting enough sleep is one of the most important ways to help self- control and control.

Eight ways to improve your self control

5. Doing exercise:

 Exercising for ten minutes helps increase the secretion of some important neurotransmitters and vectors, which help control impulses, and give a feeling of relaxation and relaxation, so it is advised when dealing with a problem with walking to increase the ability to exercise self- control and calmly think. 

6. Identify some behaviors

One of the most important steps to start changing it in a real and real way is to identify the habits and behaviors that a person wants to change, and work must begin to change oneself for the better, and build the ability to control oneself, for actual and real success in changing behaviors, and examples of habits These must be controlled: smoking, excessive eating, and spending money when shopping.

Eight ways to improve your self control

7. Eating healthy food: 

quality of food affects the behavior and behavior of the individual; Therefore, eating foods rich in sugar may cause a decrease in the level of sugar in the blood shortly after eating them, and a decrease in blood sugar may cause disturbing and angry behaviors; Because the body relies heavily on glucose stores when it tries to control itself, therefore it is advised to maintain balanced amounts of sugar in the blood, by eating foods that burn slowly in the body, such as whole- grain rice, or meat.

Eight ways to improve your self control

8. Self- encouragement:

 The self can be motivated and encouraged to control a specific behavior by reminding it of the reasons that call for it, and these reasons can be written on a small paper and placed nearby to see it always, and it is also preferable to find an internal motive for this desire to change; For example, if you want to quit smoking, The cost of buying cigarettes, and its negative effects on health, teeth, and odor can be written on paper, and another list of all the positives of quitting can be prepared, which in turn stimulates smoking cessation, and increases the determination and determination to quit. 

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