Eye Contact Language and What It Tells About Human Psychology

The eyes reveal many hidden and mysterious secrets that man tries to manage and hide, Eye language is a non- verbal language and is called the "windows of the soul", where it is possible to observe the signals and suggestions of eye movement, such as staring or evading the look of someone, or eye gloss, and many other eye movements that explain the nature of the person, eye language science to recognise and learn the true spirit of personality from his feelings, interests, thoughts, fears, and many other qualities, in addition to this science has expanded its fields further today. 

Eye Contact Language and What It Tells About Human Psychology

The eye is one of the most important secrets of the human psyche, it is a tool through which to distinguish the beautiful from ugly, and the expression of internal feelings, whether joy, or love, or anger, a, grief and other emotions.

one scientist says humans communicate with the eyes without having to utter a word, such as the baby's baby's mother communicating through the eyes. 

The scientists also stated that the desire of many to be understood by the partner or the other party may or may not be realised according to the perception of the other person.

A person can read eye language by recognising the meaning of a set of signals and overtones reflected in the eye view, such as evasion from looking at the other person's eye directly, looking up, stare, the presence of glitter and shine in the eye, directing the eye right and north and other signs that believe and say what does not The tongue can pronounce it, or avoid saying it, or what it hides. 

As well as reading the language of the eyes is a science that falls within non- verbal communication, and the realisation of this science will receive a free reminder towards the true spirit of the person including his feelings, interests, thoughts and fears, without uttering even a single word. 

Eye Contact Language and What It Tells About Human Psychology

The following are the signs and explanations of the eyes in this science:

- Widening of the pupil of the pupil and the external pupil of the eye indicates the admiration of one of the other;

- The abundance of sudden mutual views is evidence of admiration, because one of the parties feel the interest and desire to know the hidden details about the other party, which makes it focus his thinking and his eyes on it. 

- The constant gaze of the forehead reflects the lack of interest in the other party, which means that it distracts and discharges and does not care much about the content of the words of the other party.

- Gargle eyes and rubbing by hand reflects the uneasiness of dealing and talking with the other and unwillingness to look at it.

- A lot of looking at the eyes continuously and exaggerated denotes lying because the party tries to refute the deception of the other party continues to look to his eyes in a desire to show the opposite.

- Send eyes to look up to sign of boredom and the desire to leave the place, and often shows that the person feels that he can do things more useful than talking with others.

- Side view evidence of confusion from the person's talk and lack of interest in him.

- The brightness of the eyes when talking with the other evidence of love and great love

Eye types: 

- Smiling eyes:

  Laughing eyes express happiness, characterised by innocence  purity and honesty, and looking at them is comforting. 

Eye Contact Language and What It Tells About Human Psychology

- Bold Eyes:

It is characterised by steady and strong gaze, which makes you feel bold and confident.

- Foxy eyes:

It shows a subtle blend of cunning, characterised by a refraction of the upper eyelid with a focus of stare.

Eye Contact Language and What It Tells About Human Psychology

- Sleepy eyes:

Look sleepy, and express surrender and indifference, and indicate the goodness of the person and devoid of malice and stupidity. 

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