Facebook is falling apart, here are 7 reasons why we think so?

Facebook is falling apart, here are 7 reasons why we think so?

Facebook is the biggest social network all over the world and in the whole history too, it has been on top for over a decade now. With an enormous database of 2.2 billion users, facebook has probably reached the highest limit of registered users that could be reached on this planet. The only expansion of users that facebook could have now is the expansion of world population itself or expanding the service to another planet with alien population.

Meanwhile as a fact, facebook is declining now. Users in the most important sectors for facebook advertisement gains (USA and Canada) are starting to be less active and spend less time on facebook. That was few months before their famous scandal of selling users information to Cambridge Analytica which had a negative impact on USA elections and led to Donald Trump's winning the most debatable elections ever.

Anyone that is on facebook right now can experience the (uncoolness) of facebook, you don't have a good time anymore and you probably don't know why, why you keep scrolling down looking for something that isn't there? and why would you get exhausted soon and then try to open the facebook app again looking for something new which is still not actually there?.

Many reasons has made us believe that facebook is falling down or at least at the early decline phase as many other analytical experts suggest, why do we think that facebook era is over? Here we go.

1- Lots of users with less valuable feeds:

The main advantage of facebook which is the massive database of users including all your friends, family members, and anyone on your phone contact list (they access that if you didn't know) has become the main disadvantage of facebook. What do you get now is friend requests from people you barely know or people you know and you don't really want to have them as a friend on facebook. You get their news feeds, they get yours, now you have to control what feeds you get which is a real hard process or try to control their access to your profile. Now facebook makes you a friend with people you don't want to be friends with, makes you hear their talks, and even see them tagged in silly photos or private family conversations. But you can't unfriend them either, they could be your boss at work or your neighbor across the street and then you will face problems in real life.

2- Preservation of your real life on cyber space:

Yet another main advantage of facebook has become a great deformity. What if you picture your life differently other than your real image or you want to act differently on the cyber space. We are not talking about cyber frauds here but imagine that you have a talent of writing articles or you like watching some silly movies of your own taste, facebook will allow you to share all your silly thoughts but then you will be afraid of getting mocked by your friends or being questioned by your boss or family members as they have a different image about you. The main problem here is the right feeds going to the wrong people or people you just don't want them to know about some aspects of your life.

3- Teens don't like it:

Facebook has become a place for old people sharing old funny (or not so funny) jokes on the cyber space, but what about younger generations?. Newer generations have shifted to less realistic and more funny social networks like snapchat , whisper, and secret. That's a fact, teens don't like facebook and they don't want their real image to be on facebook. The new generations would rather put an augmented self image of themselves using snapchat filters and care less about storing their big date on facebook servers. They want their messages to be self destructed, they want to tell things that could be forgettable or forgivable. Facebooks doesn't do that, your things are there and will be there and even if you delete them they will still be there.

4- Big Data and privacy is now a problem:

Facebook is falling apart, here are 7 reasons why we think so?Mark Zuckerberg during the latest congress hearing (2018)

The real problem with facebook now is the cost of storing everything anyone has ever made or said on their servers for a timeless period, also recent scandals have shown that facebook lacks proper encryption that other social networks use. Your data is not in safe hands. Data were easy to sell or leak to anyone who pays money and were used for mean purposes. They had to make profit of all the data they collect and that was simply by selling your personal info. Facebook made some profit but lost faith of their users. Now after 15 years of facebook, you should ask this question: Who pays for the cost of storing your own video jumping in a swimming pool after 5 years? If you don't know the answer then let me tell you, it is you!. You pay the cost of storing your info on facebook by signing a privacy agreement when you signed up for the first time which allows them to use your data, sell it, target you with advertising, track your footsteps using their cookies and listen to your cell phone mic while you chat with your friends (it is true, they do that too!.

5- Facebook fashion is over:

Once upon a time it was fashionable to have a facebook account. Remember the first time when it was only exclusive for hardvard students to access facebook. Later on it was exclusive for university or school students. Now it is not exclusive anymore, actually it might be a shame for some elite communities who launched the hashtag #deletefacebook after the last scandal with Cambridge Analytica. One day you would had walked around feeling proud that you belong to the new elite social network called facebook and that you don't use myspace or hi5 like usual people. These days are over, you are not special and actually you are very normal now.

6- History repeats itself:

Now that we feel sorry for myspace, icq, yahoo, hi5, and msn messenger, we are sure that this will happen to facebook too. Nothing lasts forever in the world we live in and especially in cyber space where things move as fast as info passes through optic fibers. It was cool and funny at some point of your life but now you have to move on which is already happening as new social networks emerge everyday. Even gaming consoles have their own social networks now (Sony and Nintendo). But poor facebook still targets broader communities with no potentials of specialized communities other than pages and groups that share funny memes and fake newsand that's all.

7- More and more of the same:

After latest scandals of facebook selling info, facebook has totally banned organic reach and gave you 100% of paid ads and feeds from your friends. So what? well, if you don't get the whole picture lets simplify the situation for both users and content creators.

For users:

You will ONLY get feeds from people you know and you will not be reached by decent content unless they pay to reach you. Now you are trapped between your friends traditional posts and pages that pay money to reach you which caused a horrible experience that may reach a torturing level of listening to all bull***t you escaped from in real life while being targeted by people trying to sell you poor materials by paying money to facebook.

For content creators:

Your good days are over, you have to pay or leave now. No matter how hard you try to make good content and unless you get huge share numbers from users on your page, no one will hear from you. No organic reach anymore, no more organic likes for your page, no more views, and no more free marketing.

And finally, let's face that fact that facebook is going to fall sooner or later, it is life and nothing personal. We don't hate or love facebook but we are just wishing for a better social network with more openness and transparency, more confidentiality and less greed for money. Facebook is just waiting for someone with a better idea to catch down a 2.2 billion users when it falls.

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