Failure Could Be Your Way To Success: Never Give Up

Life has, in my opinion, two aspects, one is a success and the other is a failure. Most people think that failure is not good; it is, I think, not good, but not for good.

Both aspects give us a precious reward that is experience. Does the experience gained differ from one another? Yes, it absolutely does because the outcome of failure is quite different from the outcome of success, for sure. When someone succeeds, he/she will gain an accomplishment experience that is to tell others about with sort of joy. When someone, on the other hand, fails, he/she will gain experience later on especially after he/she moves on. I think the second one is harder and better, at the same time than the first one, for you to learn what are your flaws, and perhaps working on them. Also, when you do, again, what you have failed, you will be having a one step ahead than the others who are doing it for the first time.

I believe in something: you fail you develop. You have to fail. For me, failure has made me who I am today; failure gives you two choices either you stay down, or you get yourself up. The point is you never give up. However, some people believe in what I call the biggest myth in history. The myth is they tell you that you have to fail in order to succeed, which is correct but don’t believe that you are not going to make this time. If you do, you will fail. You have to believe that you are going to make, then if you fail, this failure will gain you experience.

I have failed a lot that I cannot, at least, think that I have ever succeeded than I have failed, but one worthy success is going to make it to you. In the beginning, you will hate yourself, you will hate all the surroundings, and you will hate everything. I know; I, better than anyone in the world, know what it feels when fail. It hurts, agonizes, tortures, and it tears oneself in thousands of pieces, but you, whether you like or not, will move on. Earlier, I have faced the hardest, the most severe setback in my entire life; I nearly killed myself out of grief and agony. It took me a week to move on although I was aware of all of the above, but, at the end, I have moved on and have started thinking of a new opportunity to work on, and if I fail, it will never stop me because I will not be stopped, and I will never be stopped. You have to believe in this. Never be stopped.

Failure, shortly, is the biggest success if and only if you believe that you cannot be stopped, if you believe that you have to move on, and if you start thinking, immediately, of doing something new. Failure is one of success’ synonyms, I believe.

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