First Day At Work? 10 Things You Shouldn't Do

So you got a new job, congratulations and we wish you all success and happiness. The first day at work is a moment you will always remember for the rest of your life, many of has had bad experiences and only few had good ones. The reason behind your first day at work going messy could be one of many things, you are new inexperienced member of an already settled closed community. Many of your coworkers have already established their relationships at work, they know who they like, who they hate, and who they should be watching out. They look at you as a threat, someone who could be too successful or too mean or even a big failure and load over their team.

First Day At Work? 10 Things You Shouldn't Do

Another factor for why your first day of work could go wrong is your bosses at any level, they will be expecting tasks and work flow to be going on as usual and they don't tolerate failure. You should feel lucky if you have a kind boss but this is a rare situation, the usual attitude of bosses is arrogance, anger, and impatience.

Some well established organizations get their new employees through an orientation process but mostly you won't get that either. You will learn most of work tasks all on your own and you should learn them quick and master your area of expertise. To help you out through your first day at work here is a list of 10 things you shouldn't do at your first day of work:

1- Bad Appearance:

Try to avoid dressing badly, inappropriate hair do or color, and bad beard shape for men. It all depends on your new organization's internal rules, follow their rules and don't try to look different at the beginning.

Also before you go to your new work you should be alert about their dress code and what is accepted and what is not. Some organizations have a strict dress code, formal clothes, formal colors that match their corporate identity, and even formal tie and shoes colors. Some other organizations go easy without a specific dress code. You should learn well about the formal dress code of your new organization - if there is one - and follow it.

2- Don't get over reacting:

You might not like the new situation but you shouldn't quit your new job at your first day at work either. Keep a decent smile and don't go over reacting, try not to catch bad attention at your first day and remember that first impressions always last. Yelling, Shouting, fighting, laughing loud, and any sign of over reaction should be prohibited at your first day.

3- Don't go unprepared:

Before you go to your new job you should prepare yourself for a decent introduction about yourself and keep it as short as 20 - 30 seconds. Your new work colleagues will ask you many questions about your name, your education, previous work experience, and even your age. Get prepared for these questions and don't give much information either, you don't know if the one asking you will be a good colleague or a bad one.

4- Bad body language:

Body language could save you lots of work and efforts for your new social life at work. Beware of bad body language messages, for example: shake hands firmly with passion to give a strong impression, lean forward towards anyone you talking to to show interest, keep your face emotions quiet and simple.

5- Don't get isolated:

Your coworkers might be unfriendly at the beginning, don't let yourself be in the isolated position. Try making new friendships and make everyone feel open to contact you.

6- Don't go over social too:

On the opposite of previous advice, don't make tight friendships or get overwhelmed with people you meet for the first time. You will be meeting these guys over and over so keep your first impression in the neutral zone, no isolation and no deep details too, and remember that most of your first day's relationships won't keep the same tone months late. You will make deep friendships with other people than the ones you contacted at first time and those you met at your first day's work might become just a usual work relationship or even turn into hatred or ignorance. 

7- Don't feel shy or embarrassed to ask:

Things you didn't know at your first day's work might become obstacles for your career in the future and the more you go through your career the more embarrassing to ask about basic info. Your first day at work is your golden time to ask things you wonder about without feeling ashamed or over mocked by co-workers. You are new so you are excused.

8- Don't skip lunch:

Lunch is important to keep your mind clear and support your body with energy you need for better concentration. Don't feel ashamed to ask for lunch break and always remember that this is your human right you should never give away.

9- Don't discus salary:

Try to avoid salary discussions or salary questions at your first day of work, these questions will only distract you from doing good at work and will give bad impression about your intentions. You work for money and they know that but both you and your bosses agree on public that you work because you like to work in this new organization and you are ready to give all you got in addition to the fact that you already know about all financial issues of your new job. Also don't ask your co-workers about their salaries,  they might not want to share that info with you especially when they don't know you well and you will only give bad impression about yourself.

10- Don't come late:

Late at first day means you can come late at any other day, don't let yourself get in that position where you will be accused of disinterest and lack of appropriate behavior. First thing your boss will notice is when did you show up to work for the first time and to avoid any harassment later on just come at time at your first day. Lots of failure stories were based on lack of discipline and bad timing habits.

In the end, this guide is meant to give you an idea about things you should avoid at your first day's work but the most important thing after all is your own personality and attitude. Perfection and success at work depends mainly on personality and relationships with less importance of your actual performance and skills. Try to get the best of your own personality and don't try to show a wrong impression about yourself, be yourself but make it in your favor and people will like you the way you are if you act decent and respect everyone.

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