Great Miniature Art By Eddie Putera

Eddie Putera isĀ  Malaysian artist living in Kuala Lumpur, he wouldn't say much about himself as he seems to be as a shy person and he would rather let his art describe himself rather than words.

This great artist specializes in making vintage scenes of our childhood in mini figures described as miniature art. This art is common in movie scenes to make backgrounds or to film scenes that would rather consume lots of resources if filmed with real sizes, so directors prefer to make mini scenes using professional artists.

What's new here is that Eddie brought this beautiful art to public audience and made it available for everybody. Many people think of Eddie as a photographer but he isn't just making beautiful images through scenes he creates, he also makes the whole scene.

Lot's of Eddie's art is available for sale on his personal website where you can buy some of this beautiful miniature art for a fair price or even you can buy a photo album of all his art. Check out Eddie's personal website if you feel more interested in his work and you can follow him on social media @eddieputera.

Enjoy these images we brought to you by Eddie Putera:

He wouldn't forget about small details either..

Check out the ground, looks so realistic.