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minotaur creature- minoan culture

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The Minotaur creature is a myth comes from Crete, a creature with a head of a bull but with a body of a man, and this is his myth..
It is told that king Minos -king of Crete- wanted to prove his right of ruling to his people, so he claimed that the gods have chosen him, and that he will prove that by bringing a bull out of the sea.

So king Minos prayed secretly to Poseidon -a god in Greek culture- to help him and promised that once it happens he will sacrifice the bull to Poseidon, so Poseidon helped him but instead of sacrificing the bull, king Minos killed another bull and kept that specific bull, which angered Poseidon so he asked Aphrodite -a goddess- to help him, and so she did, she planted a desire into king Minos's wife Pasiphae to that bull so she made up with the bull and gave a birth of a different baby.
Pasiphae named him Asterion after king Minos's father and raised him. But over time the Minotaur grew a monster and a wild creature, so king Minos ordered to build a great maze that can never be survived.
Meanwhile, king Minos's son Androgeos was doing great in the Olympic games , which planted envy in the Athenean king's son who ordered to kill him.

After his son's death, king Ainos marched onto Athens for his son's revenge!!
After the Atheneans surrendered king Minos ordered them to give sacrifices of seven maids and seven youths for the Minotaur every nine years.
"Theseus" the son of the Athenean king "Ageues" decided that he has to stop this massacre and go kill that creature, so he told his father that he's going in the third group, and told him that if he won he will be returning raising a white flag on the ship.

The ship that used to transfer the people raised a black flag as a sign of sadness- but if he died, he will make the ship crew raise that black flag.
When Theseus arrived to Crete he met the daughters of king Minos "Ariande" and "Phaedra" and they both fell in love with him.
To help Theseus, Mriande told him to take a ball of string to help him find his way out. So Theseus did, and when he entered he met the Minotaur and fought with it until he killed it.
When he came out, he had to take only one daughter with him so he chose Phaedra over Ariande.
The victorious Theseus was over joyed that he forgot to raise the white flag on the ship. So, when the king Aegeus saw the ship coming back with a black flag he was so shocked and decided to throw himself off a cliff from his castle into the sea -it is that this is why it is named the Aegean sea-.
And Theseus returned to find himself a king of Athens.

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