How to answer most common interview questions with model answers?

Brief guide on how to play good hands on the interview desk

How to answer most common interview questions with model answers?

Job interview is the key to start a successful life through acquiring the new job or even moving over your last job which might be a bad experience. However, although very popular technique in the business world (I mean the interview technique itself) some people still get surprised by these questions while the fact says that 90% of these questions are frequent and copied from other sources. Interview questions are mostly not genuine and that is the new fact you have to deal with, and (YES) you can self train yourself on these questions to give model answers and like we said in the title above, play good hands. Stop acting as a ROCKIE and get to their level and above to beat them, they are still humans after all and you are highly qualified and experienced. Trust in yourself and apply the following techniques.

What are your strengths?

That's a very common question and you will be asked it mostly so get ready. All you have to do is focus on your strengths that would make you a relative weight among other applicants, focus on points related to the job and stay away from other non-related strengths. For example, don't say that (I have a very good stamina and I can run for very long distances) when applying to a desk job. Unless you are applying for a fitness trainer job or other related jobs to stamina don't mention it. Always relate the answer to the job.

What are your weaknesses?

Another common question and it usually follows the first question we mentioned. Now what you need to do is to focus on the job and mention something that could be taken on both ways for your favor. For example, you can say (My weakness is that i don't like working alone but i would rather working on teams). Now the HR interviewer will think that he has a good team player who would benefit the company by integrating with other employees in big team projects.

Tell us about yourself

Here in that question, they want to know something about your personal life apart from work. You can mention some stuff about your personal life without going too short or too lengthy. Just give a moderate answer that could show the human side of you and will also help you finding some common social interests between you and your employer.

Why should we hire you?

You have to focus on what can you offer as an employee and what can you offer for the company, focus on your relative strengths that would weigh you above your competitors. You can start with mentioning that you have great energy and high ability to learn new skills, then you can mention your personal qualifications and past experiences that could benefit the company.

How much you expect as a salary?

That's a very dangerous and tricky question that could put you off the job right away or keep you live in misery for the rest of your work life in that company. Before applying to the job you have to know the salary ranges given by this company and other competitors, calculate the math and assume the salary you deserve based on your qualifications and your past experiences, then after getting a salary range add some extra percentage between 10-15% to the salary you need to make room for some negotiations from their side and finally you will get the salary you need. The key factor in this question is the realism and guided ambitions, don't exaggerate or go cheap on your self.

Why did you quit your last job?

You have to focus on future when answering this question. For example you can say (I wanted to move on to a bigger or a better company where i can advance in my work and learn new things). You can also mention some facts about your past job that wouldn't harm your situation but stay focused on the future and your expectations at the same time.

Why do you want this job?

Focus in this question on your personal study on this company and the job you are applying to. Mention the opportunities the new job would give you and focus on your ambitions to move forward and get bigger with this company. Don't mention any miserable facts about your personal life as compassion will not help you and the last thing professional companies would do is to hire someone out of sympathy, it is sad but true.

How would you deal with pressure and stress in the new job?

In this question mention some past situation where you have been put under stress and you dealt with it. The best way to answer this question is by giving an example so get some examples ready in your mind before going into the interview.

Illustrate a past hard situation in your previous job and how you managed it?

That would follow the previous question and now they need more explanation about that situation you handled or another situation. Get your brain ready and start further explanation of the past situation or mention another one with mentioning how you have dealt with it. The key feature in this question is how you would turn a hard situation into an easy one. Of course not all jobs have dangerous or risky situations but there are various difficulties in each job and you will be asked this question anyway, it's a classic.

Where do you see yourself five years from now, and what are your future ambitions?

A very popular question and what they really want to ask you is (will you leave us soon after we spend a lot of money and time on training you, will you just leave us for a better opportunity anytime you get a bigger offer?). What you have to say here is to explain your ambitions in learning and advancing in positions in that company, avoid going through your future expectations in a bigger company and focus on this one right now. Try to show loyalty and that you are not intending to leave this company anywhere soon.

And finally try to deal wisely and easily with the job interview. You may or may not get the job after all and you don't know where the good things will happen. Maybe there is other place that would fit you more and don't get depressed or frustrated over getting rejected. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and always move on, learn from your mistakes and go on with life, what matters after all is you being happy somewhere.

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