How to become happy in your life

A person should focus on the good things in his life, and stop thinking
negative, such as: anxiety, fear of ostracism, excessive thinking, and many
other ideas that bring unhappiness, and try to enjoying simple things, such as
watching games with friends, eating tasty food, dancing, cooking, and other
things that increase self-confidence and increase happiness.

Happiness is something that everyone wants, but they want to feel a lot
of it. Happiness is not about success, fame or wealth, so when there are
problems of feeling happy, many, many of these things will not be enough at

So stop waiting and try to get happy with these tips:

 How to become happy in your life

in relationships

Put yourself among happy people, be close to people who improve your mood,
and the good thing that Family and friends’ help you celebrate life's successes
and support you in difficult times, although friends and family are easy to
take for granted, these relationships need to be strengthened.


the optimist side:

Try usually to develop the vision of the positive side of things, Do not
become too optimistic, in the end, there are bad things happening, it is
ridiculous to try to show the opposite, but the negative side should not
overwhelm your overall appearance of life, Always remember that your advantages
are mostly beyond your mistakes, and If you are not an optimist by nature, it
may take time to change your pessimistic thinking and Start by identifying
negative thoughts when they come to you, then relax and ask yourself the following
key questions:

- Is the situation really as bad as I imagine?

- Is there another way to look at the situation?

- What can I learn from this experience for future use?


a goal for life:

Having a goal for life gives a meaning to life, increases happiness, and
energy within each person, working hard and sincerity makes things different,
but with the goals to be realistic, close to verification so as not to hurt the
pessimist, Deliberate, and celebrating success with friends, and family.

 How to become happy in your life

the current moments:

Do not delay enjoying a day in which life problems are less or less
stressful, this day may not come, Instead of it, look for opportunities to
enjoy the small causes of happiness every day, Focus on the positives of the
present time, rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future.

 How to become happy in your life

a healthy lifestyle:

There are some things you need to do for a healthy lifestyle like:

 A balanced diet:

 Eat a diet rich in all nutrients,
this will help improve the mind, body, and increase positive emotions that
increase self-confidence.


 Exercising improves the mood,
improves sleep quality, improves heart health, and increases daily energy, Exercise
must be exercised for 150 minutes a week.

Adequate Sleep:

An adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep a day to get the full rest of the mind
and body to do the work the next day, In addition, a person should write a list
of things to do before bedtime, Thoughts, and away any distractions from the

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