How to deal with stess?

Quick tips that will help you to cope with stress

As long as we live,we have no way to keep away from stress..
There is no identical definition for stress as it differs from one person to another but all can admit that stress is anything which makes you react as you are someone else you don't even know

Stress is a condition characterized by physical or emotional tension. It is a reaction to a situation where a person feels threatened or anxious.
Stress can be positive (e.g., preparing for a wedding) or negative (e.g., dealing with a natural disaster).

Everyone adults, teens, and even children experiences stress at different times.
Stress can be beneficial by helping people develop the skills they need to cope with and adapt to new and potentially threatening situations throughout life.

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

-Take care of yourself.
-Eat healthy, well-balanced meals
-Exercise on a regular basis
-Get plenty of sleep.
-Give yourself a break if you feel stressed out
-Talk to others. Share your problems and how you are feeling and coping with a parent, friend, counselor, doctor...

Avoid drugs and alcohol it may seem to help with the stress. In the long run, they create additional problems and increase the stress you are already feeling.
Take a break. If your stress is caused by a national or local event, take breaks from listening to the news stories, which can increase your stress.

Ask for help If problems continue or you are thinking about suicide, talk to a psychologist, social worker, or professional counselor.

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