How to Get Over Your Ex

Nothing last for ever .There is always time to say goodbye

The end of a relationship is always painful and comes with some negativity. Even if you lost interest in your partner and wasn't feeling the love anymore, moving on may still too hard because they were an important part of your life. Add the complications of having to watch your ex move onto new romantic experiences.Here are some steps for coping with this emotionally stressful time.

10 steps to get over it!

1 Don't feel sorry for your self

Believe that you can get over this person, because you will.
Make a list of all the reasons why you deserve to be happy List your family,friends.You'll feel better instantly when you take stock of how much you have.

2-Get rid of everything that reminds you of this person pictures, gifts, phone number et

This will help you feel better bu getting rid of all those memories so there is no way to look back any more or to feel nostalgic about it!

3-Think to yourself honestly

Take some time and think things over
Was this person even treating me right?
Did he/she make me cry or laugh ?

4-Have fun! and Go out!

Go out with friends
Do whatever helps make you happy&take your mind off of your.

5- Go on a vacation!

It doesn't need to be far away, a little time to yourself (or with friends) will really give you a new energy to start over.

6- Don't talk to the same friends that know him/her.

Even if they're good people.It's best to keep your distance from your ex's friends as you don't want to be pulled back into the vortex of your ex life.

7- Even though they don't always help, talk to your family.

May be this is useless step but you Know that your family loves you unconditionally, and that you can talk to them about more than you think.They will give you love and you'ill feel secured.

8-Do something you've been meaning to do for a while.

Now you are no more in a relationship and you have time to do things you were meaning to do.

9-Even if you and your ex agreed to be friends, cut off contact with this person for a while

This step needs you to be strong enough and to keep away from him/her for a while until you make sure that you are over your ex and you are seeking a friendship.

10-Find a simple way to reward yourself

If you have already done all the above 9 steps now you deserve a reward for being strong to get over it.
May you give your self a spa day. Love your self and move on.
Time passes,,people change,,but life goes on.

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