How to keep yourself happy

tips on how to live a long joyful life

Living a happy life is the dream we all have. However not all of us can acheive it. Money can be a factor of happiness but like they say it s not the whole equation. But what if you don t have money? would you still be sad or you would rather try to be happy anyway. These simple tips will make you live a happier life.
How to keep yourself happy

1- Smile:

Begin your day with a huge big smile. An harmless lively smile coming deep from your heart not most effective makes you feel satisfied approximately your self however also keeps your face wrinkle loose. Smile inside the beginning of the day maintains your issues away. Smile is in reality the most effective human emotion that also makes different people smile. Greet all and sundry with a energetic smile and make them experience properly approximately you.

2- Devour less stroll more:

stroll as a great deal as you may. taking walks is an interest which you must consist of to your each day ordinary life. At this age it is more important to maintain your self physically fit and in form. avoid junk or deep fried foods. devour best healthful meals and don t cross after taste. consume a whole lot of fresh fruit nuts and greens. avoid beef and alcoholic drinks. in case you are a smoker then give up smoking.

3- Keep working:

in case your fitness lets in then hold on working. however preserving your age in view do some mild paintings and for shorter hours. you could additionally volunteer your self for non secular social or cultural activities. Any type of interest that gives you the message that you aren t a useless character is good for you.

4- percentage the expertise:

percentage what you have with the folks who don t have. percentage the know-how that you have won during your lifestyles. give lectures or volunteer your self to educate youngsters and kids the moral and ethical values so they become true residents. besides sharing the information keep on analyzing books and enhancing your knowledge.

5- Don't speak about your health issues:

don t speak approximately your illnesses with anyone as this is by no means beneficial rather embarrassing for some people. when you have some health hassle then communicate for your doctor who is in the pleasant position to give you excellent clinical advice. with a purpose to live a disorder unfastened life get regular scientific checkups. apart from taking drug treatments take preventive measures also.

6- Spend the cash:

You can t take your money to the grave so consider sharing it with others. when you have money then use it for feeding the hungry and helping the negative people or provide some cash to the companies which you think are doing properly humanitarian work.

7- Give your life for some Noble reason:

it s far my non-public experience that those individuals who live for a few noble purpose stay a protracted completely happy and ailment-free lifestyles due to the fact God loves them. those are the folks that now not simplest live longer but additionally stay forever in the hearts and minds of different people. You too can come to be a hero of some humans.

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