How to look skinny in pictures?! Don't yell cheese!

Get ready with your camera and Check this out!

Stick your chin out or use your tongue

sticking your chin makes you don’t look like you have a dreaded double chin.
Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling this will help your face look thinner.

Wear all one color

Wearing all one color is a good way to go to a place where you know photos will taken this help your to appear taller and thinner.

Turn your body sideways

The celebrities do it: plant one foot in front of the other,point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot.This will work out try it now!

Never allow yourself to get photographed from below

Say no to below as this is the most unflattering angle which make you look pounds heavier. Head-on can work it elongates and thins out your neck and torso.

Arms position

Hold your arms out from your sides Or place them to face your hips this will work out.

stand in photos

It’s always preferable to stand in photos to look thinner but if you are sitting and someone comes at you with a camera sit pretty cross your legs at your ankles this will make your thighs and calves look slimmer.

Fake tan

Use light spray tan this will make your neck,legs,arms look thinner but if you are appearing with face only you can use Light dusting of bronzer

Perfect timing

If you’re shooting outside avoid direct sunlight as it can plump up your jawline and make your face look larger
late afternoon and early evening are the most perfect times for outdoor photos

Stay away from the camera

Distance counts Whatever is closer to the camera will appear larger.

So stay away from the camera

Use your bag

Use the old bag trick to hide any area from your body by holding your bag in front of you

Don't yell cheese!

Smile naturally this helps your face to look beautiful and smaller.

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