How to prepare yourself before travelling to Thailand

How to prepare yourself before travelling to Thailand

Thailand is a really beautiful country to visit and it has many numerous options for travelers to enjoy. However, before taking the step you should prepare yourself well to visiting this country. Here in this article we provide tips and advises for those who are going to travel to Thailand for the firs time.

1- What are you going to visit?

Thailand is a very rich community with many tropical islands, amazing beaches, and modern capital city. Unfortunately you won't be able to visit them all so better make a good time schedule for visiting places you admire the most and maybe keep some others for your next visit.

2- Where are you going to stay?

Khao San road in Thailand

You have to plan for your stay before you visit Thailand. Some places are really overcrowded like Khao San road in Bangkok or the Patong beach. some others are really calm and relaxing. You have to search online for where you staying to avoid being disturbed by either over crowded places or the over calm ones !.

3- Do your medical check up

Before travelling to Thailand you better get necessary vaccinations you doctor advises you with. Thailand is not well known for epidemic diseases but you should anyway avoid mosquito bites, sex with strangers, and any other blood born diseases like hepatitis B virus.

4- Get familiar with local traditions and get a dictionary

People of Thailand are so friendly but also they have local traditions. It is going to be hard for you to understand these traditions immediately in your visit so you better read about it before you travel there. For example, you should respect the kind and the royalty as people of Thailand pay them great respect. Also get a dictionary for pronunciation of Thai words as the native citizens rarely speak English.

5- If you are visiting a temple, wear conservative and white

Temples in Thailand are peaceful places and you better avoid wearing short skirts or inappropriate colors upon visiting them. Dressing in white is fair enough upon visiting Thai temples.

6- Stay away from tok tok

How to prepare yourself before travelling to Thailand

Tok tok is a very popular mean of transportation in Thailand. However if you are a stranger in this country, you better avoid it because they usually mislead you to the wrong destination under the influence of local traveling agencies and you will end up in a strange place hoping for any help and they will be there to catch you.

7- Street food is the best but ..

Thai street food

Thai street food is the best to get familiar with this country. You will have numerous amounts of food of different types in the street with real cheap prices but the problem you ill face is two things: First: people selling food rarely speak English and you will find it real hard to communicate with them so use the signal language. Just point at anything you like and they will understand and serve it to you. The second one is: Some types of food are really weird and if you don't want to end up eating some snake or a giant toasted caterpillar, you should look with your eyes of what the food is made of. Anyway, if you are hesitated start with the fish as they serve really good fishes in there.

If you still have some question and you want to know some more about Thailand you can visit their official tourism website: They will provide you with many useful information about Thailand and answer your questions in many languages. And if you have visited Thailand before you can provide us with your experience at the comments section.

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