How to protect older people from the Corona virus

After the spread of the Corona virus in different places around the world, and the increase in the number of infected people and deaths, the World Health Organization announced that the elderly are the most vulnerable to infection, due to the weakness of their immune systems, how they can be prevented from infection. 

A recent Chinese study reported that the elderly are the most vulnerable to infection with the emerging virus, and indicated that death rates gradually increase with age.

How to protect older people from the Corona virus

The death rate for persons at the age of forty is about 0.4 per cent of the total death rate, while the rate of 1.3 per cent among people at the age of fifty, while in the sixties of the age they reach 3.6 percent, and the death rates for people in the age of 70 are 8 percent.

In Italy, the country with the largest population of elderly people in the world, an analysis conducted by the National Institute of Health on March 4 found that the average age of patients among the 105 patients who died due to the virus, their average age was 81 years, which creates an estimated gap 20 years among people who have been infected with the virus and have died. 

How to protect older people from the Corona virus

The study indicated the possible reasons behind forming this ratio, which are summarized as follows: 

- With old age, the body's immune system loses a large part of its job, and its efficiency decreases greatly, and the matter varies from person to person, but that makes people more vulnerable to infection with the Corona virus.

- The possibility of developing diseases increases with old age, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, and this contributes to an increase in the risk of developing corona virus.

How to protect older people from the Corona virus

- The state of general weakness experienced by the elderly, which makes people vulnerable to infection with a viral infection, and when infected, the effect is more on them than others, and it takes a longer period to reach the stage of recovery.

In addition, that treating HIV infection in the elderly is more difficult than other people of less age, because of the weakness of their bodies and their inability to fight the virus, so they must be taken care of and protected in particular, and the most prominent ways that can be followed are as follows: 

How to protect older people from the Corona virus

1- Wash hands thoroughly with running water and soap for at least 20 seconds.

2- Avoid getting out of the house, and preventing any outside visits that might cause them to be infected.

3- Not to visit the doctor unless necessary, with a commitment to wear medical masks while leaving the home.

4- Clean the hole they live in, and disinfect them well, as do the rest of the house at least once a day.

5- A healthy diet rich in nutrients the body needs, which will increase the efficiency of the immune system.

6- Eat healthy foods rich in vitamin C, E and A, along with zinc.

7- Avoid foods rich in fats, sugars and processed meats, as they weaken immunity.

How to protect older people from the Corona virus

8- Activity and movement constantly, and daily. Do exercises at home, go out for a walk if you can, and yoga exercises help improve immunity. 

9- Sleep at least seven and a half hours a day.

10- Take the influenza vaccine, especially for those over 65.

11- Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least eight glasses a day.

How to protect older people from the Corona virus

12- Attention to take their medications on time, and consult a specialist doctor in case of any emergency.

13- Avoid spreading fear in them, not talking to them about the numbers of deaths, and taking into account their psychological state that may negatively affect their health. 

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