How to quit your job before you start it?

How to quit your job before you start it?

Most of us work
for the principle of work itself or to earn money and not to get a job suitable
for him and his field or his age. It is very important for us men or women to
know very well why do we need to work. And the importance of the job for us? Because
if you choose the wrong job and the wrong reasons you obviously quit before you
start it.

As a woman i will
tell you How to quit your job before you start it?
According to Niall Doherty, there are only two
reasons to get a job: to earn and to learn. So what if you don’t feel like
your work is your calling? It’s still teaching you valuable skills. (Niall

Number one, If you don't have a target
to work for from the beginning  this will
be a lose of time and effort and I mean by having a goal, for example, gaining
experience in your field to build yourself a professional life suitable for
your study.

Number two is to work just to gain money. Do you know how many people are working for the sake of money? Are you one of them?
If you answered with yes so congratulations you are about to quit! 
Working for the sake of money makes you a greedy person who is always looking for more and will not find the job that suits you even though it is possible to be the one with a lower salary.

The Third way to
quit a job before starting is to work in a position that you really hate and
can’t love what you do. This will be unfair for yourself and for your position
because you will never work hard or succeed even if you tried, and the only
solution will be to quit it immediately.

Finally what I really want to say that if you follow your target and what
you love defiantly you will keep your job and build  your career to be a successful one.

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