How to raise your children correctly psychologically and physically

The right education for the children is one of the greatest responsibilities placed on the parents. They are responsible before God for raising them up to the right and proper education so that the children and parents in this world and the hereafter will be happy, and also fit and happy the whole society .The right education for children is a balanced, balanced education based on compliance with religious teachings, high ethical values, and adherence to the customs and traditions of the community unless these customs and traditions bring harm and injustice such as male discrimination at home or giving the male full freedom and trust and full exclusion from the female. Which are contrary to religion and universally recognized values. 

How to raise your children correctly psychologically and physically

How to raise children Sound education: 

 Education is an innate thing that parents can exercise once a child is in their lives, but it may need some guidance and reminding. It is a set of rules that have an impact on sound child education, which will facilitate the task for parents. Several axes, namely:

• Mental rules

 From the images of sound education, to provide the parents of their children a good education, based on their mental perception based on honesty towards their children, which means providing the best for them, but within the controls, and determinants, where it appears in several things, including:


Some parents tend to give their children whatever they want and give them the freedom to do what they want, because they believe that putting restrictions on them makes them dominant. But the truth is that education depends on balance; parents have to give their children freedom, but discipline; Do not grow up and discover that life is not as they gave it to them in their childhood. Anxiety: Being worried about children is normal, but being afraid of them, and showing them up, causes them to be distrustful. Instead, parents should reassure them and give them support.

Cleanliness and arrangement:

Parents believe that forcing children to maintain cleanliness and order is a proper way to raise them, and that they are also balanced. Some children scold the child for every minor disorder that may cause them, making their child in constant tension and not being allowed to play like other children. , Which is not true; the balance is to give children space to enjoy their time, so they can be made to arrange their own play place.

• Daily rules

Daily rules are those related to the daily routines offered by parents to their children. These rules include:


In order not to become a person who cannot depend on himself, and the most important skills that parents must teach their children:

To spend money properly, to make decisions, and to bear their consequences, where the role of parents is to advise them, and to guide them only.


 This is done by praising their good deeds, not neglecting and celebrating their school achievements in order to give them a sense of appreciation, while paying attention to the need for balance.

 Preservation of borders:

 If the child does something wrong, then the parents should guide him. There are some children who are very upset about the wrongdoing. As for the role of the parents, it is to maintain the boundaries they draw for their children and not to tolerate them just because the child continues to do so. Violation.

• Rules of discipline:

Discipline rules shall be established by agreement between the father and mother in order to avoid confusion, loss of respect, and rules of discipline:

Reward No Punishment:

When parents ask their child to commit to something, or to carry out a specific task, they have to motivate him to do this, instead of intimidating him if he violates their instructions. However, it is important not to link the child's success to rewarding him. If not successful, due to loss of reward.

How to raise your children correctly psychologically and physically

 Focus on the problem not on the person:

When a child makes a mistake, parents should avoid negative traits such as lazy, stupid, or rude, because the child will believe in these qualities and act accordingly. Instead of condemning the child himself, his behavior is critical and shows his fault.

Avoid hollow threats:

Parents may threaten their child if he does not comply with the instructions. However, if the child violates these instructions, the child can not find an application to the threat that he has heard, making him not interested in the threats and continuing to violate the instructions.

Freedom of expression:

Parents believe that their children must always be disciplined, uncontested, or quarrelsome, an unhealthy belief; because children need to express their anger, and the parents' task is not to suppress their feelings, but to teach them how to express them in an acceptable way.

• Personal Rules

 Parents should realize that each child has a distinct personality; each individual needs an education commensurate with his / her personality and personality rules:

Response to Catalysts:

 Every child is affected differently; if the mother stimulates her children to fulfill her request, she must know - not even disappoint - that one will respond, but the other may feel that it does not affect him; so parents should know the personality of their child; They can effectively stimulate it.

How to raise your children correctly psychologically and physically

Finding points of excellence:

The child may not be a student, but he may have something else to distinguish. Here, parents have to find their child's points of excellence so that they do not feel unsuccessful, which enables them to appreciate themselves and gain self-confidence.

Non-pursuit of idealism

Some parents seek to make their children ideal by eliminating their bad qualities and making an effort to keep them good. This makes the child under tremendous stress. It is important to note that the role of the parents is not to create the personality; Qualities, and seeks to reform it himself.

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