How to Score the Highest Marks in Class? 4 Steps Guide

Scoring higher grades is your most trusted way to success in your future life. Joining the University you want, studying the college you like, or even getting the job you want at the beginning of your career. You have to start early and it starts at school. In order for anyone to get the highest marks and achievements in any course, class, or grade, you shall follow the following instructions:

1- Initial preparation:

initial preparation is defined simply as the process when you prepare the lesson that you are going to study in next class, you should start to read in your next chapter early and do your best to understand what that lesson is about, and even try to answer the sample questions for this lesson or chapter.

Even if you do not fully understand the lesson, you will get at least a general idea about it; therefore, you will be easily paying attention to what is going to be said in the class and you will possess a relative advantage over your colleagues in class.

A benefit that you can get from this initial preparation is having the willingness to pay special attention in the class and have the courage to share and participate in the discussion; this way will grant you easy understanding of the lesson, will grab the instructor or the teacher’s attention that you are well-prepared and you care about the lesson or the course. This will give you a huge advantage forward as we said and you will get in a closer relationship with your instructor and that will help you more in the future for the sake of gaining the information you need out of him and also he will be willing to help you any time you ask.

2- In the class:

when you are in the class fully prepared for the lesson you are going to study in a while, you have the feeling of enthusiasm to hear the teacher saying what you have read and consequently to participate with him. Now, you will get a full complete understanding of the lesson because, for now, you have studied the lesson twice and after a good initial preparation, the real class show will be nothing more than a review for the subject material you already know.

3- When you get home:

after you get home, all that you have to do is reading the same lesson once more, but the reading this time will not take you long because you have already read it twice, and have fully understood the whole lesson. After all of that, you will never ever face difficulty understanding this lesson, and you will never forget the lesson because you have shared and participated in the class.

One thing that will give more credit is if the lesson has a series of questions for you to answer. If so, now you will be already having the studied material for four times after you answer the questions, and I guarantee that you will never ever forget that lesson.

Another thing that will grant you the million percent proof that you will never make a mistake in your exams is when you start to review previous exams of that course if available, and you start to search for questions related to your exam, you will find it easy to answer these questions and this grants you the sufficient mental fitness to answer this part whenever you get questioned about it.

Following all of this will grant you the distinguish full mark that everybody is dreaming to get.

4- Repeat the same process in all your courses:

When repeating the process, you will come to your exam having done all the course with a full complete understanding and preparation, and, therefore, you will do excellently in your exam.

After you have read these instructions, one may ask that it will be difficult to adjust myself for such process  for long term, won't it become boring to do that hard routine day after day?

I know it is very difficult to firstly follow these steps because it is difficult for those who have never been studying in such way. All of what you have to do is give it a try with a time schedule and most importantly, reward yourself with something that you love. For example, set a stopwatch of a forty-five-minute period, and specify a number of pages that you are going to read, then hit the time and go on. If you do it, then go play some video games for an hour or eat something or walk or do anything you love, you will get the feeling that you have done something great and you will get the feeling that you want to do it again. However, if you don’t do it and waste your time, you have to put out punishment over yourself. I bet it will be interesting.

The previous method is called (the Self Rewarding System) and it works well not just for studying but in any thing in life you are obliged to do without having much interest or motive to do it.

All of the above is in order to get you started, but when you try it once, I grantee that you will never face difficulty doing it again. It will be a habit, and the compliments that you are going to receive from your teachers about the hard work you are doing and the dedication you have will strongly and productively motivate you to do it again and again.

One final thing, love what you do in order to do what you love. Apply this saying when you start studying. Love studying in order to, after finishing, to do what you love: play or hook around or anything you love. Also, apply this saying to every matter in your life whether in school, university, or master studying or even beyond. You have to believe that you can do it, you have to believe that the ones who score higher grades are not better than you, and you have to believe in yourself in every way.

Nothing is impossible, and finally, never deny, or forget, or even disbelieve in that fact that no pain without gain and there is going to be no success without hard working.

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