How to Submit Articles to Orrec and Make Profit

Orrec is an online platform for article submission and publishing for free. In fact, you can even make money by submitting your articles to Orrec. In this article we will guide you through the process of submitting articles to Orrec.

1- First, you need an account on Orrec:

Creating an account on Orrec is a very easy process, you can go to the create account page to create your account or just sign in if you already have an active account on Orrec.

You can either use your email for creating an account or you can even use our one step account creating by signing in with your social account (facebook and google plus). In case you use the traditional email method you will have to fulfill mandatory fields in submit form and you will get a welcoming and verification email upon submission. In this email you will receive you will get a link for account activation for us to make sure it is your real email address. You need to activate your account to be able to access our submit articles tool.

How to Submit Articles to Orrec and Make Profit

In case you use your social account for verification you won't be needing to activate your account since it will be already active.

** please note that you might receive the verification email in your (junk) or (spam) email box since some mail providers wouldn't recognize Orrec as a verified sender so don't forget to check your junk mail box in case you can't find the verification email in your inbox.

2- Now, since you have an active account you can access our Submit Articles tool:

How to Submit Articles to Orrec and Make Profit

All fields in that page should be filled with info:

- You need to choose a proper relevant title to your article, your title should be short to the point but not too short either. Stick to the point or even make it the last item to fulfill after you finish your article.

- Choose the region where your article is directed to, if you don't have a specific region you can leave the default item selected to (Worldwide).

- Choose the category that fits your article the most. Choosing an article category will help it to show on more landing pages of Orrec.

- Select article main image from your local directory, the main image you select will only be used to show the article at home page and other relevant landing pages but it wont show in the article. If you want your main image to show inside your article you will have to submit it separately inside the article alongside with other images you want.

- Short description will help us to relate your article in other article links and will give more relevancy about your article and help our search queries to find your article. Use short description about your article or even quote some short paragraph from inside your article.

- Tags are very important to link your article to other relevant articles too, select relevant tags to your article and submit each tag separately by clicking comma (,) or (Enter) to submit each tag. First tag you submit will be used as a main tag for the article and should be the most relevant one.

3- Let's come to the article writing tool:

We use a very easy to use template to write article content, if you feel familiar with word editors then you will find it so easy to use. 

- You don't have to repeat the article title as this section is only for the article content. you can select different font sizes and colors for your fonts and also select among different headings according to your needs.

How to Submit Articles to Orrec and Make Profit

- Use images inside your article to describe your words. Make sure you have the copyrights to use these images or even use copyright free material.

- You can also link videos from other sources like youtube and you can link your text to internal and external content.

- Article writing tool will take you no time to get familiar with and you can take your time to explore all the features available in it.

- You need to write good, unique, and useful content. Gather your resources and write the article in your own words as we don't accept content copied from other sources. Even if you quote some material from other sources you will need to give the external link of the original material.

4- Save articles for later:

If you want to continue writing your article later on you can choose to save it for later editing. You will need to fulfill all mandatory fields to be able to save your article and get to it later. To re-open your article for editing you can just click the submit articles button in the header and your saved article will load automatically. 

How to Submit Articles to Orrec and Make Profit

5- Submit your article:

Now that you have finished and reviewed your article you can submit it to Orrec for our team to review it and make sure it fulfills our guidelines. We will review and accept your article in a 24 hours period and you will be notified in your notifications center about article approval.

7- Share your articles to friends to read:

You can now start sharing your article on social media or any other marketing methods to get more views and hence more profit.

8- Check your articles:

You can check your article in your personal (My Articles) link in the header and you can review it again, edit your tags, or even delete it.

How to Submit Articles to Orrec and Make Profit

9- Check your articles profits:

In your rewards center (link inside the header) you will find a full list of your approved articles and how much profit they made. Article profit is based on your global share of Orrec views and we don't measure it on individual advertisement clicks inside your article.

How to Submit Articles to Orrec and Make Profit

**WARNING: Do not attempt to click ads inside your own article as it will gain you no profit and it might lead to permanent suspension and ban of your account. Better to try to gain more fair views through writing good content and getting more shares to your article through users natural interaction.

10- Cash in:

In your rewards center you can ask for cashing in your profits whenever you meet the minimum required amount to be cashed in which is (50 USD). Whenever you meet the minimum cash in threshold you will be able to submit a request for cashing in profits.

11- Keep Orrec unique:

Orrec is a free tool to publish your own articles online and also make some profit out of it. Try to stay committed to our guidelines and keep Orrec unique and reliable by submitting unique and great content. Wish you all luck and fame using Orrec.

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