Important tips and techniques for online writing

If you want to become an online writer, read these tips

Important tips and techniques for online writing

Online readers and writers are a growing population now and the online media reading curve is exponentially increasing on all aspects. Readers have been immigrating towards online media right now due to technological advances and easiness of reach with a certain lower cost for both readers and writers. As a fact you have to deal with now, online writing is the way to start your writing career, internet is fair, if you write well you will make a good audience for you. However, online writing is a bit different from hard copy press prints, the online reader is way different from regular readers, there are minor differences between both and you have to deal with it if you want to become a successful online writer.

Online readers as a matter of fact are in a hurry, they always skip parts of your article, they want to read it fast and get the information easily, they want other resources and links to something else to keep busy, if you don't catch them quickly they will just fly away for good. In this article we will give you some advises about online writing and how to deal with this world.

1- Catch the eye

If your reader is not looking for something specific, for example: If he is just surfing your site with no purpose or even surfing the online media, the first thing that will catch his eye is a picture, use good pictures to catch their eyes first and to make them read the title. However, inside your article don't make it too noisy for their eyes, you already caught their attention, it is good to see a couple of pictures but stay focused on the content you provide to them, too many pictures is bad for both the reader and the search engines too.

2- Give instructions

Online readers' subconscious is ready to obey instructions and orders with less tendency to resist, unlike regular readers who tend to just read the article. Get what you want from online readers by simply asking them to !, if you want him to register on your website write it down obviously in front of his eyes "Register Now", if you want him to visit a specific section on your blog tell them to visit it. They will obey and you will be amazed by the results.

3- Shorter content, but not too short

Unlike regular newspapers, online articles tend to be shorter with more concentrated content and easy vocabulary. Online readers may come from anywhere on earth, you shouldn't write too long content or too short, keep it in between, give them the information in a simple way and easy language they can understand. Unless you are writing for academic purposes, keep it simple as much as you can.

4- Internal linking

Search engines will like to keep the flow of the internet going, it's a global trend right now. Use some internal links and references inside your articles in the form of anchor text, give them other resources and don't keep them stuck to your website. Internal linking is so important for search engine optimization (SEO) and will get you higher organic search metrics if you do it right.

5- Use list bulletins

Using lists of items will give the user a better brief description about the article, not all users will want to read the whole article so give their minds a scannable copy of the article by just going over the bulletins. Online reader's mind catches bulletins faster than a whole content and if you catch their minds by good bulletins they will keep reading the article.

6- Work on your keywords

If you are writing a whole blog or just one article, keep focused on some of the keywords you want to target which also you want the search engines to catch. Make a good list of keywords which is related to your article and blog and use them wisely inside your article. When it comes to keywords, the bigger the better, if you target one word you may simply fail because there are tons of competitors on the internet for every word on the dictionary. Try to use combinations of two or three words at least to target through your article or blog on which you will make reputation and gain organic traffic. Don't use words that aren't really related to your blog, for example: If i want to target a keyword on Orrec Magazine I wouldn't simply go for "Lantern soup recipe", it's completely absurd and irrelevant to my website, i would instead target keywords of writing and reading and online magazine.

7- Make friendships

We all have lots of friends in real life and probably on social media too, same goes for blogging. You need to make friendships with other websites and get mentions on their websites. This technique will help you to increase external links to your website and hence increasing your domain authority, domain authority is a significant metric for search engines that will bring you a lot of traffic. More external links equals more search results, but don't you try to make fake external links on suspicious internet hosts who would provide you with links and fake traffic, you could be penalized by search engines and you won't get the organic traffic you desire for your blog.

8- Unique content

Search engines will catch plagiarism in your articles and may penalize you for that too. Why would they rank you over the original source of article anyway?, unless you have something different and more relevant and more likable content. Work hard on the content you provide, gather your sources and mention them, and write it down your own way. Good luck.

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