Islamic Kids Story About Stealing: Candy Thieve

Once upon a time, there was a candy shop whose owner is an old kind man and Amer lives close to it, he knew the owner personally and always went there to get his snacks, Amer was about 7 years old, he always take a bar of chocolate on the sly, he thought it's a cool move and also fun, he always eat it before entering home as he likes chocolate too much, he was a very good boy, but only this deed was a bit of bad behavior of him.

One day, he went to buy things from the candy shop and the owner didn't count the money correctly and gave him 20 pounds back instead of 10 pounds, so when Amer
noticed that after leaving the shop, he thought maybe that means more chocolate for him, so he bought more chocolate from another shop on his way home and ate it all before going inside, after he entered his room, his stomach started to hurt him, and he couldn't stop screaming out of pain, so his mother rushed to him and asked him why he is screaming, he didn't want to speak at first and tell the truth because he knew that was a wrong deed, but his mother insisted on knowing so he told her about the chocolate bars and his stealing habit, she told him: "that's why you are hurting, you stole money from the man, you have to go to him and apologize and give him his money back, he's a kind man, he will forgive you, I'm sure." 

So Amer went to the owner and asked him to forgive him and gave him his money back, and he was going to give him also a repayment for all the chocolate bars he took before, but he was surprised that the owner told him:"I don't want their price, I always knew that you take a bar of chocolate every time and I wasn't mad and considered it a gift from me to let you have the candy you love most and I always prayed each time for you to enjoy it and told Allah that I'm not mad and I forgive you for it, but only, this time, I didn't notice that I give you more money, I didn't pray and so you got harmed because Allah never accepts injustice and stealing people's money."

Amer felt ashamed of himself and promised the kind owner that he'll never steal ever again.

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