Islamic Kids Story: Be a Caller for Your Religion

When Amena learned about how Muslim girls should wear hijab when they grow up, she wanted to be like the prophet wives and obey Allah in that, so she asked her mother to buy her a white veil to start wearing it outside home and in front of any stranger, her mother saw her seriousness and happiness about that matter so she didn't want to frustrate her, so she rushed and bought her one.

The following day at school, she went there with her veil and wide clothes, her friends liked how beautiful she looks in that new outfit and admired it, and some of them warned her that she's no longer a cool girl and they won't talk to her, and some just didn't seem happy with her look, but the biggest problem was that her teacher told her: "you should not be different from your friends, and don't wear that again at school."

Amena went home to her mother sad and shocked from her teacher's hatred to the Islamic look, and she couldn't help it but tell her mother about what happened, and she asked her mum what she should do to solve her problem, so her mom said to her: sweetheart, don't change your Islamic identity for anyone, you just have to pray as much as you can and ask Allah to settle this problem for you.

Amena was relieved when she talked to her mother, and did exactly what she advised her with, and kept praying that she can find a solution tomorrow in school.

When Amena went to school the next day, her teacher asked her why she came with the same outfit and disobeyed her request, so Amena stood up to respond and said: "I'm sorry, my dear teacher, but if I obeyed you then I'll disobey Allah, and I couldn't disobey Allah and stop doing what he ordered me to do."

The teacher was amazed at Amena's response and told her that she's right and we should all wear hijab and love to wear what Allah like to see us wearing not what other people like to see us wearing.

And since then, every once in a while Amena is delighted to see that one of her friends started to wear hijab in its correct look, and when they meet her they tell her how she was a model to them about how the Muslim girl should be and that hijab is not the opposite of being free or happy, in fact, hijab to girls and women is being free from people's judgment and happy with Allah satisfaction.

So no matter your age is, you can make people love your religion, take the same path and obey Allah by only doing the right thing, showing them that being good isn't hard or repellent, and be a model by just walking around among people doing it.
and the most important is to be proud of it.

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