Islamic Kids Story: Destiny and Why Allah Knows Us Better

One day, Ahmed was on his way to buy breakfast for himself, walking on his feet, as he always takes his break to eat at the restaurant he loves on the other side of the highway road in front of his workplace.

While he was crossing the road, he was counting his money to see if he got the price of his favorite meal or not, and he had already noticed that the road is clear

And as soon as he reached the middle of the road, there was a high- speed car coming, the driver of the car was a husband who is about to be a father, in the back seat of the car was his pregnant wife yelling due to the pain before giving birth

And he is trying to reassure her and he keeps checking on her between whiles, so he didn't notice that there was someone crossing the road, and that's when the accident happened and Allah judgment was that Ahmed die

And it was a shock to the driver that he hit someone and died, and all he could do is to get Ahmed with him in the car to drive him to the hospital with his wife,

Ahmed didn't make it and he was already passed away, but the man's wife had elaborated her baby safely and it was a healthy boy –grates to Allah-

And the man paid a ransom to Ahmed's parents and they were kind people and understood the situation and didn't object on Allah judgment in their son

And in the evening, Ahmed's father said to Ahmed's mother: Subhan Allah in his judgment, it wasn't meant to our son to reach his restaurant today or get back to his work after the break, and no matter what happened, he would've died as it's his destiny …

But the mother replied and said: no, Subhan Allah –his mighty is so kind to his slaves- Allah wanted that one person life goes and in return, another starts to popularize in the earth.

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